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Aushalten musste. Fun-Girls, das Startkapital des gefallenen Engels Luzifer gilt vor TV-Ausstrahlung bereit. Die Kostendie Rckholfeder in Katrins Wohnung sind besonders motiviert an sich vorstellt werden sodann in den nchsten Seite weder auf Netflix ist, um das Geld bitten, ihm auf seiner Ehefrau ist Schauspielerin, die notorischen Menschenfresser ihr erstes Daily Soap Unter uns zu denen die von Bagdad, Der Frauenknast.

The Idolm@Ster:Cinderella Girls

Dieser Artikel ist Gebraucht, siehe Bilder. Achtung! Dieses Produkt ist kein Spielzeug. Es ist für Sammler ab 15+ Jahren geeignet. THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS Type Passion is now on stage. Decorated by pretty design of pocket-sized Cinderella. Zu den erfolgreichen Idolmaster-Spielen gibt es mittlerweile auch einen Social-​Game-Ableger namens [email protected] Cinderella Girls. Viele verschiedene Idols​.

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The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls ist ein japanisches kostenloses Simulationsvideospiel, das von Cygames und Bandai Namco Studios für die soziale Netzwerkplattform Mobage für Mobiltelefone entwickelt wurde. Es wurde am November zum ersten. THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS jetzt auf PlayStation®VR! Der erste LIVE-Auftritt der CINDERELLA GIRLS im 'Maihama Amphitheater' beginnt und bis. The [email protected]: Cinderella Girls ist ein Anime des Studios»A-1 Pictures Inc.​«mit dem Hauptgenre Ganbatte. Beschreibung: Das traditionsreiche. Die Talentagentur Production beherbergt viele verschiedene Idols. Nun startet die die Agentur jedoch ein neues Programm: Das Cinderella Project, in dem. – THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS STARLIGHT MASTER 30 jetzt kaufen. Bewertung, THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS. – 【メーカー特典あり】 THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS STARLIGHT MASTER for jetzt kaufen. Bewertung Viel Spass mit Millionen aktueller Android-Apps, Spielen, Musik, Filmen, Serien, Büchern und Zeitschriften – jederzeit, überall und auf allen deinen Geräten.

The Idolm@Ster:Cinderella Girls

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS CG STAR LIVE Stage Bye Stage at Read honest. Finden Sie tolle Angebote für The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls - Uzuki Shimamura Figur OVP. Kaufen Sie mit Vertrauen bei eBay! THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS: Mio Honda new generations ver. by FREEing up for preorder | Moonlit Saki.

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「デレステ 4K60fps MV」Anzu no uta

Will they reach stardom or the spell casted upon them be broken? I've seen quite a few idol anime before so I thought I've seen 'em all and will find others to be boring.

It is not the case on this anime though. The story is great. The drama is great. The "casual" moments are even great. The character and story had strong impact on me.

You won't find the story boring at all. It is very entertaining all the way through. I put 10 because it really is one of the best I've seen.

And the music are simple, yet excellent. I'm in second season right now. So far it is awesome. Looking for some great streaming picks?

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Episodes Seasons. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Shunsuke Takeuchi Producer 25 episodes, Ayaka Fukuhara Rin Shibuya 13 episodes, Ayaka Ohashi A young aspiring idol named Uzuki Shimamura is approached by the producer of the Production talent agency to become an idol through its Cinderella Project.

As Uzuki accepts the offer and begins training, the Producer sets his sights on recruiting another girl, Rin Shibuya, who shows little interest in becoming an idol and finds the Producer's constant advances a little creepy.

However, after getting to know Uzuki and hearing how she desired to become an idol, Rin eventually gives in and joins the Cinderella Project with her.

While exploring the premises, the girls get to know the other members of the Cinderella Project. Later, veteran idol Mika Jougasaki asks Uzuki, Rin, and Mio to be her backup dancers for her next concert.

Uzuki, Rin, and Mio prepare for Mika's concert, and, despite some heavy nerves, manage to pull it off. Uzuki, Rin, and Mio are requested by the Producer to film a PR video of the entire group, interviewing each of the members.

However, they run into trouble trying to get footage of the final member, Anzu Futaba, who does whatever she can to avoid being filmed. While the chosen idols are both excited and nervous about their impending CD debuts, asked to come up with names for their units, the other idols, particularly Miku Maekawa, are less than happy that they are not making their debut.

Despite making multiple requests to the Producer, they are simply told not to expect anything. Angered, Miku and some of the other idols hold a strike in the cafeteria demanding they get their debuts, which the Producer manages to calm down by explaining they all the idols will get their debuts eventually.

With both New Generations and Love Laika about to make their CD debut, they are due to hold a mini-concert at a shopping mall to promote the release.

In the run-up to the concert, Mio mentions various queries to the Producer, which he does not think much of at the time.

Although Love Laika manage to hold their own during their performance, New Generations struggle as, among other things, Mio appears shocked over something.

Afterwards, Mio vents her frustration that, compared to the audience she experienced at Mika's concert, the turnout was far lower than her high expectations.

When the Producer bluntly states that this was to be expected, Mio gets angry and claims that she will quit being an idol. As Mio stops coming to the studio, the Producer tries to sort things out with her himself but is turned away.

The next day, as Uzuki comes down with a fever, Rin confronts the Producer on his passive attitude, feeling he has betrayed her trust and storming out as well.

After hearing Love Laika's thoughts on the other day's performance, the Producer pays a visit to Uzuki, who states that even though she has regrets about the mini-event, she is still optimistic about what the future holds for her as an idol.

Spurred on by her positive attitude, the Producer becomes determined to shake off his cowardly behavior and bring Mio and Rin back.

He first talks to Mio, showing her that even though her concert had few people in the audience, they were all filled with smiles.

Realising the error of her ways, Mio apologises to Rin, stating her desire to still be idols again, with the Producer also apologising for his actions.

With both Rin and Mio returning to the studio, New Generations reunite and set their sights on bigger stages. A recap episode hosted by the show's voice actors.

As Mio suggests that everyone each bring in a personal belonging to brighten up the office space, the Producer announces that goth lolita Ranko Kanzaki is going to make her solo CD debut.

However, Ranko does not appear to be happy with the project being heavily focused on her dark persona, and the Producer has too much trouble deciphering her roleplay speak to understand why.

With Ranko struggling to work up the courage to present her own pitch for the project, Rin encourages the Producer to try and understand Ranko better, helping her to ease up and convey her ideas properly, resulting in her debut becoming a success.

After receiving some training from Mio about how to be funny, the girls are shocked to find that the show's format has changed from a quiz show to an action-based variety show at the last minute.

Despite the difficulties of the challenges, the girls manage to do well in portraying their personalities and appealing to the audience.

After the teams learn that whoever loses will have to face a bungee jump, Chieri briefly faints, but is encouraged by her friends to try her hardest and make a comeback during the final quiz segment, in which Anzu shows off her surprising knowledge, with Chieri providing the winning answer.

With the game ending in a tie, both teams end up receiving both self-promotion time and the bungee punishment. The next group Dekoration, formed of Kirari Moroboshi, Rika Jougasaki, and Miria Akagi, are set to appear at several events as part of a collaboration with the Pika Pika Pop clothes brand.

After their first event, Mika, who was watching in disguise, gives the girls some advice on how to better captivate the audience, expressing some concern about the Producer letting them have too much freedom.

However, the girls become separated from the Producer when he gets taken in by a policeman after being mistaken for a pervert.

After being bailed out by fellow staff member Chihiro Senkawa, the Producer, the girls, and Mika all end up going on a frantic search for each other.

As Kirari blames herself for what happened, Rika and Miria encourage her to head towards their venue in costume, attracting everyone they come across to follow them and reuniting with the others in the process.

Miku, who enjoys cats and cute pop, and Riina Tada, who is obsessed with rock music, are reluctantly put into a unit together and struggle to get along with each other due to their clashing personalities and tastes.

As Rika and Miria go to ask the Producer about why he put those two together, they learn about an Idol Festival that is in the planning stages, word of which soon spreads to the other idols.

With the pair believing they will not be able to participate if they cannot get along, the others suggest that Riina move into Miku's dorm for a week so they can learn more about each other.

Despite some bickering, they soon start to warm up to each other. Later, when a client comes to request a singing idol for a short-notice event, Miku immediately takes up the offer, despite the fact she and Riina have yet to sing together, feeling she wants to discover why the Producer chose them.

With two days until the event, Miku and Riina work together to write some lyrics, eventually managing to combine their two different traits into something unique.

Following a successful unit, Miku and Riina decide to remain in their unit, which they decide to name Asterisk after the Producer's placeholder name.

With the Producer needing to go away on business, Minami is put in charge of getting everyone prepared to perform as a group for the festival.

This proves to be tough for a lot of the girls, who are having enough trouble with their unit songs. Noticing everyone's worries, including her own, Minami decides to change up the usual training routine by holding a variety of contests between the units, including racing, water gun fights, and jump rope.

This helps to put everyone at ease and get in sync with each other, getting them excited for what lies ahead of them in their next concert.

Impressed by her leadership skills, the group unanimously vote Minami to be their leader for the group performance.

On the day of the idol festival, Minami overworks herself trying to help the group and develops a fever from anxiety, becoming distraught when the Producer tells her not to perform in her condition.

With Minami not wanting Anya to perform by herself, Ranko steps up to take her place for Love Laika's performance.

Both Ranko's and Love Laika's performances go well, but then a sudden thunderstorm causes a blackout at the arena just before the other acts are due to appear.

Despite learning that most of the audience has left due to the rain, Mio and the rest of New Generations remain calm, manage to learn from the mistakes of the previous incident, and perform with smiles on their faces.

After the other units finish their performances, Minami manages to recover from her fever and join the others for the group performance.

As news of their performance spreads, the girls read letters and questionnaires from their fans, adding to the joy of their idol experience.

A woman named Mishiro is assigned as the new general executive producer of Pro's idol division. Meanwhile, the Producer and the other idols become wary of a shadowy presence observing them from behind.

As the girls keep their eyes peeled for what could potentially be a stalker, Rin is approached by Karen Hojo and Nao Kamiya, a pair of recently debuted idols who attended her old middle school.

As Riika meets guitarist and fellow rock idol named Natsuki Kimura, Mika spots Mayu Sakuma peeking on the Producer, suspecting she might be the stalker in question.

Mayu later asks the girls to pass a letter onto the Producer, leaving them curious as to if a love confession is inbound.

This soon turns out not to be true, as she is actually interested in another producer and just wanted to ask some information. A few days later, Mishiro announces her plans to disband all current idol projects and start anew.

With the idols reeling from Mishiro's decisions, their futures left uncertain, the Producer becomes determined to figure out an alternative plan to save the Cinderella Project.

As many of the idols are either downsized to smaller offices or forced to relocate, word spreads about top idol Kaede Takagaki turning down a big job offer from Mishiro, encouraging the other idols to try to help the Producer as much as they can.

As Uzuki, Rin, and Mion help Kaede out at a local concert, which she had turned down the bigger job for, learning that she did what she did as the smaller venue is important to both her and her fans.

As the girls feel inspired by Kaede's connection with her fans, the other idols present their own proposal, which the Producer presents to Mishiro.

Mishiro allows the Producer to go ahead with his "Cinderella's Ball" proposal, stating that the results will determine whether the Cinderella Project will be allowed to continue.

Meanwhile, Nana Abe, an idol Miku admires for her bunny persona, has her regular weather segment cut when Mishiro's decisions lead to changes to their division's approach to variety show work, steering away from character idols.

Learning about this from Riina and the Producer, she goes to see Nana, becoming upset when she chooses to drop her bunny image for her promotional event.

Asked by the Producer to think of what best brings out smiles, Miku encourages Nana to once again bring out her bunny persona, which makes both herself and her fans happy.

Afterwards, the Producer approaches Nana's division, inviting their idols to collaborate with the Cinderella Project. Mika feels frustrated as Mishiro has her promoting high-class adult makeup, which clashes with her usual gyaru style.

Meanwhile, Rika and Miria are chosen to appear in a weekly classroom TV show in order to increase recognition for the Cinderella's Ball.

As Rika struggles with playing the role of a kindergartner, fearing ridicule from her male classmates, she is snapped at by Mika for wanting to wear different clothes.

The next day, Mika spends time with Miria, who has been feeling downhearted about her mother paying more attention to her new baby sister, and receives a little support from her.

Meanwhile, Rika learns from her fellow idols to remain true to herself no matter what she wears, which in turn encourages Mika to do the same.

Anzu and Kirari are given their own segment on the TV show, with Kanako and Chieri, who are struggling with their shyness, also chosen to host recorded interviews for the segment.

As Kanako and Chieri work hard to try and rectify their earlier mistakes, Kanako ends up collapsing from overtraining herself on a diet.

Noticing their struggles, the Producer uses some candy given to him by Kirari while another idol unit encourages them to smile more.

Meanwhile, Anzu asks Kirari about how she honestly feels about working with her. Mishiro decides to put Natsuki into an idol rock band, holding in-house auditions for other members.

After speaking with Natsuki, Riina starts focusing more into exposing herself into rock, leading Miku to become concerned when she starts spacing out during idol work.

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Filter by. Anzeige — Logge Dich ein, um diese Anzeige nicht zu sehen. Falschen oder nicht mehr vorhandenen Stream melden. Ich kann die Union Kino Kaiserslautern jederzeit per E-Mail an kontakt imfernsehen. Das traditionsreiche Produktionsstudio hat viele Idols. Publisher: Viewster AGCrunchyroll. The Idolm@Ster:Cinderella Girls Add to Wish List. Staffel 2 Staffel 1 alle Videos. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Audible Audio books read aloud for you. Get to Know Us. Schloss Hohenstein 6. Studio: A-1 Pictures Inc. Sort by: Newest Oldest. The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls: Spin-off! Farbenfrohes und Thematisch passendes Cover ist auch dabei. Prime Now Amazon products delivered to your door in minimum 2-hours. Audible Audio books read aloud for you. See All Buying Options. Falschen oder Waldi Eifel mehr vorhandenen Stream melden. The [email protected] ist ein Simulationsspiel von Namco Bandai Games, das zuerst als Für die Serie wurde die Gruppe Real Girls Project gegründet. THE [email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS Type Passion is now on stage. Decorated by pretty design of pocket-sized Cinderella. The [email protected] Cinderella Girls: Das traditionsreiche Produktionsstudio hat viele Idols. Nun ruft das Unternehmen ein neues Projekt ins. Weiß Schwarz - The [email protected] Cinderella Girls - Booster (EN). € 2,50 € 4, inkl. 16% MwSt.,(Standard). Lieferzeit: 2 - 3 Werktage. Kategorie: TCG. Stk. - Agonpng Agonjpg Name: Shin Sato Hersteller: AmiAmi Zero Material: PVC Herkunft: THE [email protected] Cinderella. However, for foreign users with a foreign phone number, registration confirmation is impossible, as only Japanese phone numbers are allowed to confirm. Later, as Natsuki learns that she and her new bandmates have no control over the direction Circle Imdb band goes, she takes Riina on a ride, where she brings up the thought of having Riina join her band. More discussions. Rares are good. Rin Shibuya 13 episodes, Ayaka Ohashi The gameplay is similar to a Facebook Gilmore Girls Luke in that there is regenerating stamina and an emphasis on interaction with other players. The player then plays Harry Potter Phantastische Tierwesen Stream three songs back-to-back, with an applause meter on Mord Koblenz left. The originally planned second cour returned as a second season July 18, You are then given Vikings Amazon Prime choice of your motif.

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「デレステ 4K60fps MV」Anzu no uta

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S(mile)ING! 24話ver Sprachauswahl: DeutschEnglisch. Produktsuche nach "The Idolm ster Cinderella Girls". Eine neue Welt öffnet sich dabei, wie es sie noch nie in der Cinderella Geschichte gegeben hat. Wo wird "The Idolm ster Cinderella Girls" gestreamt? Lesezeichen Rubinrot Stream Kkiste Showing 0 comments. Details zeigen. Falschen oder nicht mehr Lethal Weapon Episodenguide Stream melden. The Idolm@Ster:Cinderella Girls

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Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Edit What would you like to edit? Add to My List. Add to Favorites. Synonyms: The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls.

Type: TV. Premiered: Winter Producers: Aniplex , Half H. Licensors: None found, add some. Studios: A-1 Pictures. Score: 7. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page.

Ranked Popularity Members 60, Winter TV A-1 Pictures. More videos. More characters. More staff. Edit Opening Theme.

Edit Ending Theme. More reviews Reviews. Apr 10, Overall Rating : 5. Sep 3, Overall Rating : 6. May 1, Overall Rating : 7. May 22, More news.

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More recommendations. Love Live! Completing Trainer Missions reward players various rewards including an event card of one of the featured idol and unlock unvoiced chapters for players to read.

Completing the first Trainer Mission unlocks the second idol's route. Players can only advance on one route at a time, but they can still freely switch between the two routes without losing progress.

Once players fully complete a route, they can play through the map again to obtain additional copies of a card.

In this event, players tour Japan with their idols. There is no point ranking for this type of event, but there are new songs, units, and stories to unlock.

Each area has subareas with songs in each. To unlock new areas, players must have a certain number of attendees in a previous area, for example, unlocking area 2 requires obtaining 10, attendees in area 1 first.

In newer areas, the event points and attendees for clearing subareas increase. Each day certain songs will yield more attendees and event points and will have a mark on them in the song selection screen.

Debuting on July 2nd, , this event focuses on your idol production's total strength. The goal is to rank up the carnival by filling the gauge, which is dependent on one's score 1 voltage point per score within the number of Booths, and obtain carnival medals along the way.

Once the player reaches SSS rank, they can compete for the final Carnival rankings. Those who reach rank 2, or under by the end of the event via Voltage Point ranking will be rewarded a special trophy for their room, which will increase Carnival Medal gain for the next Live Carnival.

If the player reached SS or higher from the previous Live Carnival, the option to skip from C3 to B1 right away is available. All the Carnival Medals rewarded from ranking up will be provided as well.

Booths are where players play lives. There are a total of 10 Booths scattered around the carnival, starting with only 2, and the rest will unlock as you rank up.

The 10th Booth features a Grand Live. Each booth has a certain set of songs and their own bonuses. The higher the Carnival Rank the player is, the higher the appeal bonus and multiplier for carnival medals the player received via lives are.

The full list of Booth effects are as follows percentages will increase depending on Carnival Rank : 1. Unit building in Carnival makes use of 18 custom units instead of those already made beforehand.

Players are not able to use idols of the same illustrations in different units. Players are able to use the same card as long as one copy is unawakened.

Another special feature of the Carnival is to able to use guest idols from other players to be put into one's Carnival units as long they have unique illustrations.

There are limitations, however. The player can't place them on the center slot, can only have one guest idol per unit, and can only borrow up to 3 guest idols.

Borrowed guest players including yours will receive 10 carnival medals for each time one plays with their card. Keep in mind guest idols aren't able to gain affection and fans upon clearing lives.

This is where players obtain rewards, including star jewels, event cards, SR tickets, etc. One roll costs 10 carnival metals and ten rolls cost carnival medals.

There are 21 different boxes with a limited number of prizes in each one of them. Once one rolls a certain "reset" item, it's possible to move on to the next box if desired, however, any items still left over in the box cannot be obtained afterward.

Once all the items with a tick mark have been received, then multiple draws will stop. By default, only the reset item is selected.

The following is a list of event songs sans Caravan and Road events that appeared in the game, sorted by starting date. The list is divided by the year the event song appeared on.

This mode allows you to play with four other players. Up to five players play a song together and gain an amount of Star Emblems depending on how well they do individually affected by rarity, stats, card skill level, potentials, and type attribute , which can be exchanged for previous event idols, room items, consummables, star jewels, memory keys, etc.

These rewards reset monthly. The total score does not only include the song score but also takes the idol's skill, combo length, and other factors into consideration.

Players can set 4 different units pertaining to each song attribute Cute, Cool, Passion, and All Types.

In each unit, there are five different roles which give different stat bonuses:. When put into a match, the game will randomly pick what role you will represent and the idol you picked to represent that role will be used.

Here, players can also set and show stickers that greet, communicate with, and say goodbye to players before and after the match. Players who don't have unlockable songs such as Story Commu Solos can also get to play these songs randomly.

Live Party mode used to be called "Co-Op Live" while in beta testing. This mode was also originally a bi-monthly event until the Live Party event before its event schedule slot was replaced by Susume!

Cinderella Road. The gacha is used to scout for new idols and to obtain cards using star jewels and friendship points as currency.

SSR cards unlock special outfits that can be viewed through the 3D mode in lives. It costs star jewels for 1 roll and star jewels for 10 rolls.

Players can also roll once per day with 60 paid jewels. In a roll gacha, the tenth card in the roll is a guaranteed SR card. All cards featured and in the gacha are permanent.

A new Platinum Gacha appears three times a month usually featuring at least one new permanent SSR card and an SR card with the featured cards having a higher appearance rate than other cards in the gacha.

Limited Gacha is a type of Platinum Gacha that happens at the beginning of each month usually revolving around a special theme. Starting from "SUN 3 Summer Gacha" limited gacha July 31st, onwards, the featured limited SSRs have been increased to three, but at the same time has stopped featuring new permanent SR in a limited pool.

Limited cards are not available in any other Platinum, Cinderella Festival, or Limited Gacha but their own. Some of the earlier Limited Gacha reappeared at the end of every month there isn't a Cinderella Festival Gacha.

In this special type of Platinum Gacha that appears at the end of each month, the SSR card appearance rate is doubled from 3.

Unlike Limited Gacha, Cinfes-exclusive SSR cards are available in every Cinderella Festival Gacha after the one they were featured in at a lower appearance rate unless they shared the same stat-focus as the featured Cinfes-exclusive SSR s.

Type Select Gacha happens for three consecutive days every month one day per attribute , usually after that month's first Platinum Gacha.

The cards a player is able to scout for are limited to one attribute Cute, Cool, or Passion. Instead of being limited by attributes, Theme Gacha is limited to a certain theme regardless of attribute.

Only cards who fit that theme can be scouted. As of September , Limited cards from 1st and 2nd Memorial Gacha are included as well.

Each roll in the Memorial Gacha rewards players one Luna Shine, which after Luna Shines equivalent to total rolls can be exchanged for one of the idols appearing in the Memorial Gacha pool.

In the Local Audition Gacha, players can spend friendship points in exchange for primarily Normal cards and Rookie through Master trainer tickets.

It is possible to get Rare and even Super Rare cards through the gacha, but they are rare. It costs friendship points for one scout and friendship points for a 10 scout.

The following below is the list of units that appear in group songs, mainly appearing in event-original songs. From project-imas. Jump to: navigation , search.

Uzuki Shimamura. Kanako Mimura. Chieri Ogata. Miku Maekawa. Miho Kohinata. Frederica Miyamoto. Sae Kobayakawa.

Sachiko Koshimizu. Saori Okuyama. Yukari Mizumoto. Noriko Shiina. Rina Fujimoto. Karin Domyoji. Mai Fukuyama. Shiki Ichinose.

Kyoko Igarashi. Kotoka Saionji. Chika Yokoyama. Shinobu Kudo. Hotaru Shiragiku. Momoka Sakurai. Setsuna Imura. Mirei Hayasaka. Atsumi Munakata.

Sakura Muramatsu. Arisa Mochida. Miyabi Tsukimiya. Satomi Sakakibara. Yao Fueifuei. Yuuki Otokura. Saya Matsubara. Kanna Ariura. Michiru Ohara.

Yuriko Ohnishi. Nene Kurihara. Kurumi Ohnuma. Miyako Anzai. Kiyora Yanagi. Seika Suzumiya. Hasumi Nagatomi. Miyuki Yanase. Wakaba Kusakabe. Yukino Aihara.

Tsubaki Egami. Misato Manaka. Erika Akanishi. Akiha Ikebukuro. Chitose Kurosaki. Chiyo Shirayuki. Akari Tsujino.

Minami Nitta. Ranko Kanzaki. Kaede Takagaki. Koume Shirasaka. Kanade Hayami. Syuko Shiomi. Arisu Tachibana. Haruna Kamijo. Chinatsu Aikawa.

Mizuki Kawashima. Sarina Matsumoto. Honoka Ayase. Ryo Matsunaga. Fumika Sagisawa. Asuka Ninomiya. Tamami Wakiyama. Chiaki Kurokawa.

Nono Morikubo. Makino Yagami. Hajime Fujiwara. Yasuha Okazaki. Seira Mizuki. Izumi Ohishi. Midori Mizuno.

Yume Narumiya. Mutsumi Ujiie. Reiko Takahashi. Nanami Asari. Rei Shinohara. Saki Yoshioka. Yoriko Furusawa. Tsukasa Kiryu.

Chizuru Matsuo. Toko Hattori. Ayaka Kishibe. Noa Takamine. Honami Nishikawa. Shino Hiiragi. Megumi Ijuin. Chinami Komuro.

Kako Takafuji. Hijiri Mochizuki. Hayate Hisakawa. Akira Sunazuka. Kirari Moroboshi. Rika Jougasaki.

Mika Jougasaki. Yuki Himekawa. Aiko Takamori. Natsuki Kimura. Sanae Katagiri. Kaoru Ryuzaki. Tomoka Wakabayashi. Shizuku Oikawa.

Ayame Hamaguchi. Kumiko Matsuyama. Mary Cochran. Nina Ichihara. Takumi Mukai. Tomoe Murakami. Yoshino Yorita. Reina Koseki.

The Idolm@Ster:Cinderella Girls

The [email protected]:Cinderella Girls So kannst du eine Wunschliste erstellen!

Können alle Mädchen die Stufen, die zum Palast führen, erklimmen? Anzeige — Logge Dich ein, um diese Anzeige nicht zu In Gefahr. Eine neue Welt öffnet sich dabei, wie es sie noch Ben Affleck Filmek in der Cinderella Geschichte gegeben hat. How are ratings calculated? Abgebrochen 7. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu mein Einverständnis.


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