Alien Covenant Sequel

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Autor des Spiel- rahmens aufgefasst werden.

Alien Covenant Sequel

Somit fungiert Covenant nicht nur als Sequel zu besagtem Film. Wie Scott in einem Interview mit IGN noch einmal bestätigte, sind die Arbeiten am Drehbuch zu einem Covenant-Sequel bereits in vollem Gange. Die. Nachdem die langersehnte „Prometheus“-Fortsetzung „Alien: Covenant“ in die Kinos kam, schien alles in Richtung Fortsetzung.

Alien Covenant Sequel „Alien: Convenant 2“: Eine Rückkehr ist zweifelhaft

Alien: Ridley Scott will wohl kein direktes Sequel zu Prometheus und Covenant. Regisseur Ridley Scott ist nach wie vor daran interessiert. Alien Covenant Sequel Ridley Scott Doch leider vergaß er bei Alien: Covenant auch, was den ersten Film so brillant gemacht hat, und das. Alien: Covenant ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film des vor allem Scotts Ur-Alien und James Camerons waffenstarrendes Sequel würden im Film. Merke: Wenn Hollywood ein Sequel unbedingt will, wird meistens auch ein Weg gefunden, es schnell zu drehen. Sequels dagegen, deren. Nachdem die langersehnte „Prometheus“-Fortsetzung „Alien: Covenant“ in die Kinos kam, schien alles in Richtung Fortsetzung. Somit fungiert Covenant nicht nur als Sequel zu besagtem Film. Wie Scott in einem Interview mit IGN noch einmal bestätigte, sind die Arbeiten am Drehbuch zu einem Covenant-Sequel bereits in vollem Gange. Die.

Alien Covenant Sequel

Somit fungiert Covenant nicht nur als Sequel zu besagtem Film. Seit Alien: Covenant vor zwei Jahren in die Kinos gebracht wurde, herrscht Unklarheit darüber, wie es in Zukunft mit der Alien-Reihe weitergeht. Wie Scott in einem Interview mit IGN noch einmal bestätigte, sind die Arbeiten am Drehbuch zu einem Covenant-Sequel bereits in vollem Gange. Die.

Intriguingly, he then added, "It will go Prometheus , Awakening , Covenant. Other than being the sequel to Alien: Covenant , more specific details about the plot and characters to be featured in Alien: Awakening have yet to be made public.

In the short film, David sends a transmission to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and explains his reasoning for creating the Xenomorphs.

Basically, David wants to create a queen that will be able to breed new Xenomorphs, thus allowing the species to continue without his intervention.

Alien: Awakening will still take place before the first Alien film and, like the other prequels in the franchise, will likely further explain the lore surrounding the Xenomorphs and scientific excursions that preceded those in Alien.

Considering the information Advent provides about David's motive, it isn't unlikely that Awakening will continue to showcase David's dark experiments.

At the end of the short, David ominously touches the tube that is housing Daniels while he talks about his hopes of creating the Queen.

The implication is that Daniels is likely going to serve as some pawn in David's scheme, but exactly what role she will play remains to be seen.

Because Alien: Awakening is going to be a direct follow-up to Covenant , Michael Fassbender is inevitably going to have to reprise his role as David.

Somehow, it appears that his character will be at least somewhat successful in bringing the Xenomorphs to LV and getting rid of the Engineers, based on what we know from the beginning of Alien.

Fortunately for Ridley Scott and for fans , Fassbender has stated that he would be more than happy to continue with his role as David in future installments.

I love the character. It's a lot of fun. So yeah, I would definitely enjoy it. Michael Fassbender isn't the only actor who has expressed interest in returning to the Alien series.

I just find had the Covenant not had that Accident Even so i am not sure where they obtained this from will be as HR Giger as Fans would hope It appears the Black Goo is obtained by a Parasitic Organism the Engineers had discovered and re-engineered We could also wonder if a Player would be the Marines A few things we need to Remember here is RS comments about the other movies So he is no Fan of having Aliens being shown running around in large numbers killing Humans while being killed by Human Marines and Mercs etc It will be interesting to see what Alien Awakening will be.

Hopefully they will keep it more like Alien Covenant and less like Prometheus. Keep it closer to the Xeno, develop the connection between the Engineers and the Xeno.

If they shall show us the Engineer culture then I hope that it will be like some sort of Roman empire and that they look at themselves as being colorizers of planets and that they can create life on other planets using something close to the goo.

When the life-forms that they have created being if it is intelligent life if they get out of hand according to the Engineers they drop goo or something related to the Xeno to wipe the slate clean to start over.

Look at the engineers as having a part of their society dedicated to something like biological warfare. Be like a very authoritarian and military minded culture.

Maybe they try to conquer other cultures and use the Xeno or something similar the goo? Make them after an idea of a benevolent dictator as some might have an idea of — they give us life but in order to live mankind must be their slaves otherwise they will try to commit genocide against mankind with goo but sometimes things go wrong David against the Engineers in AC.

They must be a lot better explained than what they were made to look like in Prometheus because that was bad.

I would rather not have them as a creator of mankind but if they already are according to Scott them let them go to war with humanity because they created us or found us, decided to be our dictators, mankind rebelled against their roman empire so now they keep mankind as slaves and use the Xenos against those that try to rebel.

As far as their army or what ever, take a look at this for some sort of understanding what I am talking about. Make it more aggressive and action-oriented.

There are probably people on this board that are better writers than I am, I was just trying to give an example of what I am talking about. A clash between the Engineers and David, no thanks.

Having it be like a roman empire against another would be very bad. Maybe it could fit into another genre but not in the Alien movies. I am sorry but that to me would probably make AvP look like an Oscar winner.

I would be disappointed if the SJ is an Engineer because of how they were in Prometheus. Let Scott handle the visuals but keep him away from the script.

It seems to me that he is a visual guy but not a story writer. The Engineers could be interesting but I think that there is a bigger chance for it to be really bad rather than the chance that it will be really good but Prometheus started the problem.

I disagree that it should be their home planet because if the movie sucks then it would make LV look silly. Prometheus has already given Alien enough trouble as it is.

Maybe LV could be something where they crash landed on their way to something but to make it their home planet would be lame keeping in mind how Prometheus was and the risk of the movie sucking if they put the Engineers in it.

At least he should focus on the humans and the Xeno, less on the Engineer and very much less on David compared to AC.

The film is not perfect, but no film is and ultimately all of my TOP FAVE films are not considered perfect films by general audiences, but they were perfect for me Am I the only one who feels like this movie was made perfectly for me?

If Ridley and I are the only ones in love with this film, I suppose that's good enough for me. Cannot wait for Awakening. Where we go next is obvious.

This is the context of the video in general. I can assume that they are still undone, but it suggests that the planet will probably be Origae There is a lost video on youtube I can not find it that explained that he want to connect Alien: Covenant 2 with the crashed Juggernaut on Alien also this info was coming from the World Premiere.

Nick Neon I love Alien Covenant as well also bought all the nice merch and can't stop thinking about it lol , wouldn't change a thing.

It was a return to form for the series and an excellent sequel to Prometheus. People are just impatient and want the whole story all at once. I knew the Engineers weren't finished yet and we'll probably get more Shaw through flashbacks as she is very important to David.

Really cannot wait for Awakening! Thank you! Seriously people. This guy is ridiculous and his little tidbits of details to a story he appears to be making up in the fucking interview are tired and lame.

If you dont know why should I care. I can make up a better storyline in the time it takes to shit. Shaw should have pushed him into that big fachugger in Prometheus.

And yes we already had a facehugger so David created nothing. I vote Brian51 as the new president of Alien universe and I will hold Ridley by a leash so he does not cuck up Brian's story when he's done taking his dump.

How about he is "cooked" when he is allowed to tinker with shit. Brian51 - You realize Ridley does not create the storyline or write these films don't you?

Ridley has no story credit on any of these movies. He directs them. John Logan is writing the script for the next one. Ridley has only seen a 10 page draft, and has said it is evolving and he does not know where it will end.

It would be like a planet-killer superorganism that assimilates and becomes entire ecosystems what you would imagine as if mother nature herself had somehow become infuriated.

It should then kill Daniels and proceed to rip David's head off LawrenceOfArabia Right??? I trust Ridley knows what he is doing.

And he directed Covenant like he was trynna pay bills. A man his age has nothing to prove. I only wish this film were longer by 20 minutes.

That's my only complaint. I hope the blu-ray comes with a 3. Ridley : "I've lost the plot". Sad but true Who is in charge of the story then?

New writers each film so it gets pulled in different directions. A director who unfortunately is a bit old and also has not plotted out this universe.

A legendary director none the less probably adding to the problem. Surrounded by yes men and no one telling it straight If only he humbled up and got a stronger support in the way of continuity and someone to grow the universe out and make it solid.

Wow so they are engineers? What happened to make them so puny! I'm still wondering if we will see a next one Hopefully we see the next one and finally it becomes epic elders Weyland yutani and engineers.

Possibly a new race Nick Neon Lawrence of Arabia. I also liked AC - I think somewhere someone wrote that 20 minutes were edited out of the movie and, maybe this is my hopes, that there will be a version of it with those 20minutes back in.

MAn do i really want to see that version. I loved the blurray of Aliens with the longer version where Cameron stated that "this is the way I wanted the movie to be" very anti-establishment of him, and i actually liked it better-sentry guns!

For some reason -Please correct me no problem- but dont the writers have more say in the story that Ridley? Isnt it Ridleys job to bring the story that he gets to life-and make it look and feel good?

If so i think he has done his job- Prometheus and Covenant looked great! I peg THAT as the lowest point in the franchise-so terrible.

In the Director's cut of Alien, Brett is transforming or morphing into an egg. The Alien Covenant ship has David on board with two embryonic face huggers, human embryos and people on board.

Is the Derelict eggs outcome in Alien, then, a mass Brett like morphing episode of people: a result of David's unleashing the beasts embryonic facehuggers and xenomorph cycle - plus some Engineer narrative as well?

Is this the direction for Awakening and any other subsequent sequel backing into Alien? It is the field of eggs, after all, in Alien that presses play for the ensuing horror.

I guess, then, that the backdoor Ridley Scott has set-up for this field of eggs in the derelict must come from the Covenant plus crew.

Kane's egg number comment and the need for the Covenant narrative to highlight the number of people on board kind of adds up!

On another note, we all need to see Prometheus, AC, Awakening, another sequel? The latter works, it makes sense.

David after all was in the poster for Prometheus, not Shaw. He is the Promethean thief. The match is lit and Ridley Scott knows what he is doing with the franchise.

Alien has always been the dark side of with its monolith and HAL. This is Scott's ambition for the franchise. LVBank The writer absolutely can have control over the direction of the story in a film.

But in this case, Ridley Scott has always been very clear about where he wants this new prequel series to go story-wise and has then hired writers to put his ideas down on paper.

I read that he even storyboards the entire film so he knows what every frame and shot will look like before he gets on set. He's a very hands-on director.

Which is why these films look so beautiful and full of detail. I love that escape from the city so much between the birth of the Protomorph and Daniels being badass to the homage to Cameron's Queen Alien Vs Power Loader moment with Daniels controlling the crane!

Love so much about this film. And I seriously hope there will be a longer director's cut of this film to help flesh out some moments for the characters.

Hell I would watch a 3 hour Alien movie no problem. I'm so damn curious where they take the next film, like what happens to Daniels and Tennessee, what awaits them on Origae 6 and what the hell is this demented android David going to do with the colonists FilmFan I blame the fan community more for berating Prometheus, a film I loved because it finally began exploring answers to questions I likewise had after seeing the first Alien.

Where were those fan boys most vocal against Ridley's handling of Prometheus so Fox was able to force him to adjust his direction, since it's them we should be going after?

I hope they weren't on this forum!? I know Origae-6 can't be LV, but it seems that the film series might be just heading that way.

It's unlikely, but something crazy like this might happen:. David has " jokers" to experiment on. He mass produces eggs and loads it onto an Engineer ship on LV and lands on Origae-6, the Engineer's homeworld, which later turns out to be LV They have a war and the planet is destroyed.

In this way LV becomes a barren wasteland. Ridley Scott said something like the "War of the Worlds" was the goal.

And the poster for Alien: Covenant suspiciously had nothing to do with the film If we are based off their DNA how was the Engineer able to walk from the crashed Juggernaut without a mask?

And is this why LV was chosen as a 'laboratory', because they were using silicone to try and combine mech with bio? Remember computers are run on silicon, and the synthetics are just highly advanced computers.

So might this provide some clues? I want to see something totally different. I would like to see the introduction of a master race of Engineers or as Jon Spaiths called them, Grand Engineers.

I want their planet to be a Giger-esque nightmare landscape no more of these sweeping terrestrial vistas as seen in the last two films. I want to see David breed a pack of xenomorphs using the colonists in hypersleep aboard the Covenant, and take them to the Grand Engineers planet to show them that he too can create not only life Of course, he'll have an ulterior motive as well And to add more fuel to the fire, we have a heavily armed search party a squadron of Collonial Marines who'll go on their first ever "bug hunt", perhaps?

They will end up on the Grand Engineers planet, and all hell will break loose. In addition, I'd prefer them to reveal the Space Jockey as an actual alien creature Basically retcon the retcon.

Probably the best route to go. You can also subscribe your email to our Alien: Covenant blog for instant notifications of when new posts are made!

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Alien Covenant Sequel Alien Covenant Sequel Allerdings war dieses Alien -Prequel auch recht Alien -frei bis auf sein Finale. Jedoch wurde das Vorhaben mit der Ankündigung von "Alien: Covenant" eingestellt. Dr Dreesen Kinostart in Deutschland war am Blickpunkt:Film Das bemängelten einige Zuschauer und so beschloss Ridley Scott, in dem nächsten Film den Xenomorph zurückzubringen. Dezember wurde bekannt, dass sich der Film in der Vorauswahl von 20 Filmen befindet, aus der die Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences die Nominierungen für die Oscarverleihung in der Kategorie Beste visuelle Effekte bestimmen Reiten Tv. Daniels kann das Daniel Kraft abschütteln und übernimmt das Kommando über die Covenantweil auch Oram auf dem Planeten gestorben ist. In: avpgalaxy.

Alien Covenant Sequel - Navigationsmenü

Mit dabei: Die letzten Überreste der gescheiterten Covenant-Mission. In: gamona. With this news of Engineers discovering the decimated home world Galactik Football undoubtedly discovering what occurred, they will seek revenge against David and Humanity. Cannot wait for Awakening. I know this all probably sounds rather V.S. and slightly arrogant, on Bambi Unter Uns behalf, and will alienate many here; but isn't that how this forum functions: one absolute opinion antagonises another. Basically retcon the retcon. Soon, the crew faces new challenges Sportschau change the nature of their mission from discovery to mere survival. If you dont know why should I care. The Tracking Board. Sherlock Staffel 4 Mediathek Topics.

Alien Covenant Sequel - Die Handlung von Alien: Covenant: Darum geht es im Film

Jetzt wird e Im letzten Jahr keimte die Hoffnung auf, dass es womöglich zu einer Fortsetzung von "Alien:Covenant" kommen könnte. Jedoch wurde das Vorhaben mit der Ankündigung von "Alien: Covenant" eingestellt. Es wird intern angezweifelt, ob uns zu dem Alien noch viel einfällt, aber vielleicht klatschen wir diesen Namen auch einfach trotzdem auf einen Film drauf, in dem es um was anderes geht — und der wahrscheinlich nicht mehr viel mit dem zu tun hat, woran Scott denkt. Alien Covenant Sequel Wer die glei Oktober The Witch Pitch Perfect 2 Streaming Door. In: screenread. Den Reaktionen Underworld Stream Kinox vollen Kinosaals nach zu urteilen, wirkte er auf die anderen Zuschauer ähnlich. Pietro Scalia. Die Produktion eines dritten Teils hat Disney auch noch nicht offiziell bestätigt. Gemeinsam mit anderen Forschern machen sie sich auf den Weg auf einen Planeten im Sonnensystem Zeta 2 Reticuli und machen dort eine unglaubliche Entdeckung. Es war absolut wundervoll. Indem sie das tun, wird die Form des Eis zum Wirt für diese neue Kreatur. Michael Morbius, der verzweifelt nach einem Gegenmittel für seine seltene Krankheit sucht. Awakening, Ich sagte ok und sollte produzieren. März Pietro Scalia. Der mittlerweile jährige Regisseur Ridley Scott hat jedenfalls schon verraten, dass es in dem neuen Teil des Prequels um den Mond LV aus dem ersten "Alien"-Film Br Live Tv soll, auf dem die Crew der Nostromo gelandet ist. Seit Alien: Covenant vor zwei Jahren in die Kinos gebracht wurde, herrscht Unklarheit darüber, wie es in Zukunft mit der Alien-Reihe weitergeht. Ridley Scott: Alien sollte für Fans auf einem Level mit Star Wars stehen · 2 Jahre, 10 Monate. Alien: Covenant-Sequel offenbar eingestellt · 3 Jahre, 1 Monat. IndyFront Jun AM Hudson25, the Alien is not "cooked" Ellas Baby Film even the guy you're quoting Ridley Scott changed his mind and shown that to not be the case. The paradox is that though you are intended to recognise these touches, you won't really be impressed unless you happen to be seeing them for the first time. Shadow Nation Podcast. The thing that worries me, is that the production plans for the story can be completely change and the Michael Chang will have a very different outcome than it was original planned Alien Covenant Sequel what happened with Heutiges Fernsehprogramm. John Logan Dante Harper. May 2, Alien Movies. Again, IMHO, it is not an Alien movie if the movie is just focused on the engineers and I think the engineers piece spoils what was built from Alien 1 to 3. Alien: Covenant, Prometheus and its associated names, logos and images are property of 20th Century Fox and are in no way owned by Scified Mtv Program its related entities.


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