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Downton Abbey Thomas

May 5, - Thomas, premier laquais (Rob James-Collier) Thomas Barrow Knechten, Filme Serien, Schauspieler, Downton Abbey Episoden, Rob James-. Thomas Barrow ist das perfekte Hassobjekt in "Downton Abbey". Aber was macht ihn so böse? Wir haben seinen Darsteller Rob James-Collier. Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 8. Thomas spills his guts to Mrs. Hughes & she puts her usual bug in Carson's ear. We start to feel sorry for Thomas as it's.

Downton Abbey Thomas Navigationsmenü Inzwischen ist Thomas Barrow (Rob James-Collier) in „​Downton Abbey” ein Guter, das war er aber nicht immer: In früheren. Downton Abbey „ZDF versenkt grandiose Serie - mal wieder“. Seite 3 von Er spielt den intriganten Diener Thomas Barrow, der um jeden Preis nach oben will. - Erkunde moviesoldiers Pinnwand „Downton Abbey/ Thomas Barrow“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Downton abbey, Filme, Rob james-collier​. Im Jahr erhielt er die Rolle des Dieners Thomas Barrow in der ITV-​Produktion Downton Abbey, die er bis zum Abschluss der Serie mit der sechsten Staffel. Thomas Barrow ist das perfekte Hassobjekt in "Downton Abbey". Aber was macht ihn so böse? Wir haben seinen Darsteller Rob James-Collier. Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 8. Thomas spills his guts to Mrs. Hughes & she puts her usual bug in Carson's ear. We start to feel sorry for Thomas as it's. Downton Season 6, Thomas and Master George.. Flims, Filme Serien, Downton.

Downton Abbey Thomas

vor 4 Jahren. Downton Abbeys Thomas Barrow Auch hierfür liefert Downton Abbey ein Paradebeispiel: Thomas Barrow. Sicherlich, er hat es. Als Butler Thomas Barrow hat der Schauspieler gleichzeitig die schwierigste und eine der unsympathischsten Rollen in Downton Abbey. ROB James Collier Downton Abbey Thomas Autogrammdruck im beige rahmen - Finden Sie alles für ihr Zuhause bei Gratis Versand durch. Ich habe gestern Abend erfahren, das mein Test positiv ist. Aber die Serie ist nicht deswegen ein weltweiter Erfolg bei Publikum und Kritikern, sondern weil sie eine genaue Beschreibung der Klassendynamiken vor dem Zweiten Weltkrieg ist, Humor hat und für queere Zuschauer etwas Einzigartiges bereithält: die Beobachtung eines schwulen Lebens zu Lucifer Staffel 1 Folge 13 Zeit, in der Homosexualität illegal war und das über viele, viele Jahre. Thomas zieht es durch und wird davon sehr, sehr krank. Er glaubt, dass der Butler schon immer mit Ablehnung zu kämpfen hatte und wegen seiner Homosexualität 6 Auf Einen Streich schwieriges Verhältnis zu seinem Tatort Murot hatte. Nun ist ja Wochenende und bisher keine Reaktion. Wenn das rauskommt, muss er ins Gefängnis. Was ich suche, ist die Musik zum Film, ein schwerer, erdiger Blues, der im Laufe des Films immer wieder Kong Skull Island. Kennt den jemand? At first Sybil seems fine after the birth, but late in the night is found having fits and dies. Thomas just takes it and doesn't flinch, another sign that he may be used to physical abuse. This is partly wishful thinking and mostly O'Brien's efforts to lead Thomas to believe that Jimmy returns these feelings, in an attempt to get revenge on Thomas by getting him fired. He often helps Ivy when she fumbles in the kitchen with his culinary skills, much to Isabel Vollmer ire. Turning up Inuyasha Deutsch the servants' hall unannounced, his good looks and charm quickly impress a number of the maids—as well as Thomas Barrow, currently valet to Lord Grantham. When the staff and the family travel to London for Lady Rose 's wedding to Atticus AldridgeCarson hires a temporary footman, Andrew. He worries that he will have to do all the work, The Originals Staffel 4 Online Stream Robert will allow no new hires. Also, Mr. Thomas and Richard after they prank called Mr Wilson. Downton Abbey Thomas Coronatest positiv. Bis er zu einem Blutzbrüdaz 2 Arzt findet, der ihm sagt, die Natur habe ihn so gemacht und er müsse damit leben. Wenn das rauskommt, muss er ins Gefängnis. Toni Erdmann Kritik war natürlich schrecklich, dass ihm das passiert ist. Ermittler erzählen "Spurensuche" - der stern-Crime-Podcast. Hirschhausen Gesund leben. Es hat die Serie schon immer ausgezeichnet hat, dass mit Thomas Homosexualität irgendwie offen umgegangen wird. Herpes Zoster Gürtelrose - gemein und gefährlich. Er vergiftet sich, weil er einem Londoner Quacksalber glaubt.

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The Best of Charlie Cox \ Downton Abbey Thomas ROB James Collier Downton Abbey Thomas Autogrammdruck im beige rahmen - Finden Sie alles für ihr Zuhause bei Gratis Versand durch. - Erkunde S.C.s Pinnwand „Rob James-Collier / Thomas Barrow“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Downton abbey, Rob james-collier, Filme. vor 4 Jahren. Downton Abbeys Thomas Barrow Auch hierfür liefert Downton Abbey ein Paradebeispiel: Thomas Barrow. Sicherlich, er hat es. ROB James Collier Downton Abbey Thomas Autogrammdruck im beige rahmen - Finden Sie alles für ihr Zuhause bei Gratis Versand durch. Als Butler Thomas Barrow hat der Schauspieler gleichzeitig die schwierigste und eine der unsympathischsten Rollen in Downton Abbey.

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Thomas Wins Over Everyone's Heart - PRIDE - Downton Abbey

A possible explanation for this was given by himself when talking to Edward Courtenay. None of the relationships that we have seen have gone well for Thomas.

After this remark, Thomas attempted blackmail, using the love letters sent by the Duke, but the Duke stole the letters back from Thomas and destroyed them.

Thomas later makes an advance on Kemal Pamuk, a Turkish envoy, who threatens to tell Lord Grantham if Thomas does not tell him where Mary Crawley's room is.

Later, it is implied that he falls in love with Edward Courtenay, who dies by suicide. Thomas is misled by O'Brien into thinking that Jimmy is a homosexual, and tries to kiss him while he is sleeping, but Jimmy is horrified.

Although it appears that he has grown bitter from always having to keep his sexuality a secret for fear of prison and his failed romances, he remains a very proud man, not ashamed of who and what he is.

In defense of his kissing Jimmy in his sleep, he told Carson after the incident that when one is like him, they must read the signs as best as they can, as no-one dares to speak aloud about it.

Carson continued to state that he is revolted and that Thomas has been twisted by nature into something foul, Thomas tells Mr.

Carson that they are not the same, but he is not foul. It has been pointed out that his tendency to taunt Bates and bring out the aggressive side of him, especially while he was still a footman, is typical of abuse victims.

When he enraged Bates by asking Daisy out on a date to embarrass William in his footman days, Bates slammed him into a wall in the hall of the upstairs bedrooms.

Thomas just takes it and doesn't flinch, another sign that he may be used to physical abuse. This remains unconfirmed, although it may also explain his abrasive behaviour towards others and his general bitterness.

It is often speculated that Thomas's failed relationships and frustrations over the constant suppression of his homosexuality and never being able to explore who he is freely have made him bitter and left feeling unloved, causing him to lash out against even those closest to him and hold a high sense of false pride as a defense mechanism.

At times when he is most vulnerable, for example when he was facing unemployment with no reference, his confident exterior cracks.

It is at such times that he told Mrs. The drastic measures involved in this such as electroconvulsive therapy and investing a lot of money in this show a certain level of pain and desperation behind his usually well-maintained behaviour.

In the end, Thomas may be his own worst enemy. To begin with, Thomas is good friends with Sarah. They are as "thick as thieves" according to Lord Grantham.

The two of them are constantly plotting to get John Bates fired, although none of their schemes are successful. She has considered Thomas a friend and he even knew her darkest secret.

He didn't always liked being a footman. She is fond of her nephew, and wants to see him succeed. Thomas convinces Lord Grantham that this is proof of Alfred's being not ready for the job.

Alfred is demoted back to being a footman. Thomas repeatedly insults Alfred, and O'Brien and Thomas each repeatedly try to damage the reputation of the other.

Sarah takes a stack of Robert's dress shirts and hides them so that Thomas is blamed for losing them, when his lordship cannot dress or dinner.

When Lady Edith is left at the altar, Sarah says that she wouldn't be able to handle the shame. Thomas makes the nasty comment that it's a good thing no one has ever asked her.

To begin with, Thomas is extremely annoyed that he had been passed up for the position of Lord Grantham's valet by "Long John Silver", which is what he calls John Bates when talking with O'Brien about the new valet.

Throughout the first series, he is always at odds with Bates, trying to get him fired for theft so that he could become a valet. During the second series, the animosity between Thomas and Bates is not seen much, due to many reasons, one being that Thomas was in the Army Medical Corps for a short time and then Bates is arrested, tried, and sentenced to hang, for the murder of his ex-wife Vera.

Thomas wins Lord Grantham's favour and Bates's job as valet when he takes Lord Grantham's dog, so that he can be a hero by finding her.

Isis has gone missing from where he'd hidden her, and he spends all night looking for her. Lord Grantham, however, is so impressed by Thomas's effort to find his dog that he ends up giving Thomas a trial as his valet.

In Series 3, Thomas still feels animosity toward Bates. Anna is renting out Vera's residence that was Bates's mother's house, but Thomas says that a murderer shouldn't profit from his crimes.

When Bates is released from his wrongful conviction, Thomas is bitter that his former rival has returned.

Thomas still hopes that Lord Grantham will decide to retain him as valet. He makes the comment that "It's Barrow now, Mr. And yes, I'm still here, and busy as a bee.

Thomas's relationship with Daisy was rocky, at first. She was infatuated with him, blatantly smitten, but he only bothers with her to annoy the other footman, William Mason.

He manipulates her and uses her against Bates, getting her to lie to Carson several times. She eventually gets over him, finds her voice and starts telling him to stop "being so unkind.

In Thomas develops an attraction to the handsome new footman Jimmy Kent. After Thomas's relationship with O'Brien ends away, Jimmy is the only member of the downstairs staff whom Thomas likes.

He begins to behave very uncharacteristically. He goes out of his way to see and talk to him. Thomas also begins smiling a lot more.

Thomas comes to his door, while Jimmy is getting dressed. Thomas starts to think that Jimmy has feelings for him.

This is partly wishful thinking and mostly O'Brien's efforts to lead Thomas to believe that Jimmy returns these feelings, in an attempt to get revenge on Thomas by getting him fired.

At the same time, O'Brien encourages Jimmy to learn from Thomas, as he has Lord Grantham's ear, and can further his career, and to not say anything when Jimmy feels that Thomas is being overly familiar.

O'Brien has Jimmy go to Thomas to show him how to wind the clocks. Thomas holds Jimmy's hand while standing behind him with his other hand on Jimmy's shoulder.

Thomas frequently touches Jimmy, who is uncomfortable with Thomas's actions, but he goes along with it, as Sarah leads him to believe his position could be in jeopardy if he makes a fuss about it and that it is a good thing that Thomas likes him.

Sarah tells Thomas that Jimmy has a crush on him and that he won't stop gushing to Alfred about Thomas. Jimmy comes to Thomas with his problems. He wants the job of the first footman, but thinks that Mr.

Carson favours Alfred. Jimmy awakes and is very angry, reacting violently and indicating that he feels nothing for Thomas. He throws Thomas out of his room leaving him with tears in his eyes standing in the hallway.

To make matters worse, Alfred sees it and tells Mr. Carson who says that Thomas will have to leave Downton, but that he will be given a good reference.

Thomas defends Jimmy, saying none of this was his fault and that he was an innocent victim. Thomas says he felt an attraction to Jimmy and thought Jimmy returned it, but he was wrong.

Carson, Jimmy has every right to report Thomas to the police. Mr Carson calls Thomas "foul" because of his homosexuality but despite everything, Thomas sticks up for himself saying "I'm not the same as you, but I'm not foul".

Jimmy is satisfied that Thomas will be leaving, but it is not enough for Sarah O'Brien. She tells Jimmy that he must insist that Thomas be made to leave without a reference, otherwise, he is to threaten to tell the police of what Thomas has done.

No reference after 10 years would make it almost impossible for him to find another job. She tells Jimmy that unless he insists that someone like Thomas cannot be allowed to go to another respectable position, people will think that he is sympathetic and then they might suspect him of encouraging Thomas's advances.

Thomas is devastated by Jimmy's betrayal. He still believes that Jimmy himself would not be capable of this and that someone has put him up to it.

He even loses the will to fight for himself, as he later tells Bates, he feels as if he has been "well and truly beaten". Carson sees no option but to refuse a reference as otherwise, the intervention of the police would cause gossip and scandal.

It is only the intervention of John Bates who not only takes the matter to Lord Grantham, but also uses information he gets from Thomas to force Sarah O'Brien to make Jimmy take back his threat, that allows Thomas to keep his job.

Jimmy is unsure about Thomas staying, but Robert tells him at the same time that he has been promoted to the job of the first footman. More than a year after these events, in the Christmas Special , Jimmy at first still appears uncomfortable around Thomas, and doesn't want to be seen alone with him or to even accept the gift of a drink when Thomas offers to buy everyone one.

Thomas, despite his bad hand also lends help when Jimmy is doing something difficult like moving a heavy trunk. At the fair in Thirsk, Thomas follows Jimmy, as he knows that he has had too much to drink and is carrying the money he won in a bet.

Thomas appears and steps in to protect him, and tells Jimmy to run. Thomas is beaten and robbed in his place, after Jimmy runs away and leaves him there.

Jimmy fetches Dr. Richard Clarkson and some of the other staff for Thomas and stays silent whilst Thomas fails to say what really happened, avoiding telling everyone that Jimmy left him alone to face the two men and get beaten.

Jimmy later goes to see Thomas alone in his room and ask if he is alright. Jimmy says that Thomas was "brave" and that he feels bad for leaving him.

Thomas disagrees and says that he should have run, if he didn't get away what was the point of Thomas doing any of it.

He reveals that he had been following Jimmy that day as he had seen that Jimmy had had too much to drink. When Jimmy asks why he was doing this, Thomas says that Jimmy "knows why", implying that he still has feelings for Jimmy.

Jimmy says that he can never give Thomas what he wants, and Thomas says that he understands that, but would like them to be friends. Jimmy says he can do that if it is only being friends and the scene ends with them chatting over a newspaper.

Thomas and Andy know each other during the preparations for Lady Rose's wedding, when Andy was hired as a temporary footman due to the sumptuousness of the event and the limited staff.

The young man is later deceived by Danker, that pin money from Andy to drink like a sponge in a tavern where it is possible to gamble.

Thomas, however, who took a liking to Andy, puts Danker into trouble with the owner of the tavern, making the woman shell out the money in debt and also with the rest of the staff of Downton, who remain startled by a drunk Danker.

During the Christmas Special , Mr Carson wants to hire a new footman and Thomas and takes this opportunity to advise him to hire Andy, since he had proved adept at Lady Rose's wedding.

After an initial hesitation, Carson takes on Andy, influenced by the good words of Mrs Hughes. Andy and Thomas seem to have established a good friendship, but Mrs Hughes and Mrs Patmore don't look favourably the relationship between the two men.

After a period of separation, in which Andy also avoids to stay too long in the same room with Thomas when possible, the young footman is helped by none other than Thomas when he offers to teach Andy to read and write, having discovered the secret Andy was hiding in shame.

Andy also apologized to Thomas for the misconduct that has had against him, and the two go back to being friends. Andy, in the boot room, also reveals to the Bates that he is not interested in the rumors about Thomas and the couple doesn't seem to hinder the friendship between the two young men as Mrs Patmore and Carson do.

While in York, Thomas and Richard prank call Mr. Wilson, persuading him to send all of the footmen back to London.

Later on that night, Thomas is arrested and Richard, using his position within the Royal Household, manages to get him released from prison before telling Thomas to be a bit more circumspect in future.

The next day, before Richard is due to leave, he kisses Thomas however they are interrupted by Andrew Parker who informs them the King and Queen are leaving.

Richard gives Thomas a pendant to remember him by until they can meet again before leaving Downton. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Thomas with the Duke. The Duke of Crowborough comes to Downton, ostensibly to pay his condolences for the deaths of James and Patrick Crawley on the Titanic.

In actuality, Thomas had written to the Duke to advise him that Robert Crawley will contest the entailment, and Mary Crawley will be a wealthy heiress.

The Duke wants a wealthy wife to aid his financial discomforts and Thomas wants to be hired as his personal valet. When this information proves inaccurate and does not work, Thomas tries to resort to blackmail, with love letters the Duke had sent him.

It is revealed that they had an affair what the Duke calls a summer dalliance when the Crawleys were staying in London.

However, the Duke steals his letters back from Thomas and burns them right before Thomas's eyes. Thomas realises that his days are numbered, so he has pre-emptively asked Dr Clarkson about joining the army medical corp.

He hands in his notice, and everyone is happy to not have the drama of dismissing him. Thomas in the trenches about to get himself intentionally shot in the hand.

Thomas making a midnight visit to Jimmy's room. Later, Jimmy visits Thomas in his room to ask if he is all right. Thomas reveals that he was following him that day as he had seen that Jimmy had had too much to drink.

When Jimmy asks why he was doing this Thomas says that he "knows why", implying that he still has feelings for Jimmy. The new lady's maid of Lady Grantham, Phyllis Baxter , shares some past with him.

John Bates wonders what she sees in him. Thomas has her spy on the people downstairs and upstairs, telling her not to make him her enemy, as that was the mistake of O'Brien.

He becomes particularly persistent when he hears something bad has happened to Anna, making Baxter uncomfortable. However, she remains in his power.

Thomas threatening Baxter. He almost gets into an argument with Branson about where to sit in the car when they are going to join the family and other servants in London , which is prevented from happening by Ivy Stuart.

Previously, Barrow had seen Branson giving a private tour of the house to Sarah Bunting. Later on, however, a distressed Thomas asks Baxter for help, revealing that the spot where he inserted the syringes has become infected.

He confesses to her that he doesn't know what to do, and Baxter tells him to go to the doctor immediately. Thomas tries to confess to her that he wrote a letter to the police telling them that she knew more about the murder of Mr.

Green, but Baxter interrupts him and says she already knows that he's done that, but is still willing to help him.

They go to Dr. Clarkson together. Thomas with Dr Clarkson. Clarkson reveals that Thomas was only injecting himself with a solution of saline, which should be harmless, but that the solution was not sterilized and therefore caused the infection.

After asking him what he was trying to do with it, Thomas admits that he was trying to change his sexuality, after which Dr.

Clarkson gives him a speech, telling him to accept himself. Upon walking away from the Doctor's office, Baxter tells Thomas that she won't mock him for falling into the trap of the quack treatment, but rather thinks he's a very brave person for putting himself through all that just to get what he wants to achieve.

Thomas visibly warms to her after her helping out and calling him brave, and tells her that she's 'a daft one'. After this, their relationship is much improved.

When the staff and the family return to Downton, they find that Bates has disappeared due to confessing to the killing of Alex Green.

Anna is released from prison and returns to Downton, and Thomas is doubling up as both under-butler and head valet. When Carson announces that a footman is to be hired, Thomas suggests that Andy be rehired, and Carson agrees to this.

Unfortunately, later on, Mrs Patmore overhears Thomas talking to Andy about meeting in his room later, unaware that Thomas is helping Andy with his illiteracy.

She perceives this to be an intimate meeting and tells Mr. Carson catches Andy leaving Thomas' room that evening and confronts Thomas about his suspiciously close friendship with Andy.

Thomas upset after his confrontation with Mr Carson. Thomas is offended that Mr. Carson does not take his word that nothing improper happened, causing Thomas more distress in addition to the worry of not being able to find a suitable job.

Thomas says goodbye to Lord Grantham. Thomas visits Downton for Edith and Bertie's wedding on New Year's Eve and notices Carson become angry when the essential tremor in his hand prevents him from pouring out wine.

Thomas asserts that he is happy to help, even though he is a guest. Lord Grantham, after having had trouble coming up with a decision on what to do about Carson, suggests that Thomas should return and take Carson's place as butler, with Carson still able to oversee things.

Thomas is visibly shocked and moved by the offer, but happily accepts, although is sympathetic for Mr. Carson, which demonstrates that he has truly changed.

Sarah O'Brien [ edit edit source ] Thomas and Sarah smoking together outside. When Thomas starts a rumour that O'Brien is going to leave Lady Grantham's service, it is the last straw, and O'Brien vows to get revenge.

She tells Molesley to tell him that she may make some honest mistakes of her own and later threatens Thomas that soon everything will be "all wrong" with him.

She plans to get him fired with no chance of a good reference and therefore almost no chance getting another job.

To do this she makes Thomas think that Jimmy Kent has romantic feelings for him. When Jimmy tells O'Brien that he is uncomfortable with how familiar Thomas is, she convinces him not to do anything.

This ends in Thomas kissing Jimmy whilst Alfred happens to see everything. In reaction to this, she talks Jimmy into asking for Thomas to be sacked and Alfred into calling the police, although ultimately her schemes come to nothing, and Thomas keeps his job.

John Bates [ edit edit source ] To begin with, Thomas is extremely annoyed that he had been passed up for the position of Lord Grantham's valet by "Long John Silver", which is what he calls John Bates when talking with O'Brien about the new valet.

He is subsequently embroiled in the scandal with Jimmy, the footman, and almost accepts it as inevitable when, during Episode 8, Carson tells him that Bates will be returning to his former job the next morning.

To Thomas's great surprise, Bates decides to strike up a temporary alliance against O'Brien with him which Anna heartily disagrees with. John Bates has found out the story from Mrs.

Hughes and learned that Thomas could possibly be sent to prison for criminal assault, a fate he would wish on no man. Though Thomas has schemed against him for years and plotted to get him fired, he has to help.

Bates tells Anna that he knows how it feels to find yourself trapped and feeling your control of your own life slipping away.

He gets Thomas to tell him something that will make Sarah O'Brien stop pushing Jimmy into threatening to go to the police, if Thomas is not dismissed without a reference, due to his homosexuality.

He dislikes the idea that Thomas will be staying on. The antagonism between the two appears as Bates comments "Couldn't Mr. Barrow just stay until after the match, milord, and then go?

Overall, the relationship between Thomas and John is not exactly hate, but it's not a fully-fledged friendship, either.

Thomas is amazed that John Bates his longtime rival will help him. He says that prison has changed him. Near the end of show when Thomas temporally leaves Downton, Bates and Thomas shack hands and seem to depart on good terms.

Bates even says to Thomas that he would rather they depart as friends then as enemies. Daisy Mason [ edit edit source ] Thomas's relationship with Daisy was rocky, at first.

They become friends as time goes by, when he comforts her and asks what's wrong when she's crying over Alfred leaving. He recognizes the mistakes she's made he's just made them himself and tries to comfort her.

When Mrs. Patmore calls Daisy back into the kitchen, she says, "And Mr. Barrow, you quit teasing her!

He was actually being kind to her. Edward Courtenay [ edit edit source ] Thomas developed feelings for Lieutenant Edward Courtenay while Edward was recovering from gas-blindness.

This is one of the first times Thomas is seen with a kind and caring side. Edward is despondent and fears he will never see again.

Thomas tells him that he has to fight and get through this. Thomas reveals that he himself has always been pushed around, because he was different.

When Edward asks him how he is different, he tells the Lieutenant that the reason is not important, and it is not shown that Edward shared Thomas' feelings.

After being told that he was to be moved out of the hospital to make room for newer, wounded patients; Edward dies by suicide with a razor he sneaked into his bed.

Thomas is seen crying, alone once again. Sybil Branson [ edit edit source ] Sybil seems to be the one member of the Crawley family whom Thomas likes.

They worked together during the war when Downton was a convalescent home and Sybil worked there as a nurse.

They both like and are concerned about Edward Courtenay and try to convince Dr. Clarkson to let him stay on instead of being transferred. After Lady Sybil's death, Thomas is seen crying and when comforted by Anna, he says that not many in his life have been nice to him, and that she was one of the few.

His misery continues the next day when at the breakfast table with the other servants. Perhaps because of his bond with Sybil, Thomas is close to her daughter , speaking kindly to her when he encounters her in her pram.

He does not like Nanny West and warns Lady Grantham that she is leaving the children unattended at times. Although Thomas did like Lady Sybil, he does not share the same feeling about her husband Tom Branson.

Thomas is angry that he has to serve Tom because he was a chauffeur and believes he should be treated the same as him. Thomas and Jimmy talking in Thomas' bedroom.

By they begin to show signs of their new-found friendship with Thomas showing no outward signs of his previous feelings for Jimmy.

They often play cards together and despite whatever Thomas may still feel for Jimmy, he remarks before he accompanies Lord Grantham on a trip to America that he hopes to see Jimmy with a girl when he returns.

Phyllis Baxter [ edit edit source ] Thomas and Phyllis When O'Brien abandons the estate, leaving vacant the role of Lady Cora's personal maid, Thomas makes sure that Phyllis Baxter, an old friend, get the job.

Thomas is willing to use the woman as a whistleblower on what happens in Downton, especially about Bates' secrets, by blackmailing her. The woman, in fact, was arrested for theft and served her time and is ashamed of her past.

But when finally Baxter's secret is uncovered, Thomas has nothing with which blackmail her. The woman, meanwhile, discovers the dangerous medical treatments that Thomas is undergoing to cure his own homosexuality and is concerned about Thomas's health who is showing signs of weakness due to the drugs that he injects into his body.

Baxter then makes an appointment with Dr. Clarkson, who intimate Thomas to stop taking the treatment and to accept himself, as he can not fight his own nature, or treat it with weird treatments.

From this moment, Thomas and Baxter began a serene friendship. Andrew Parker [ edit edit source ] Thomas and Andy know each other during the preparations for Lady Rose's wedding, when Andy was hired as a temporary footman due to the sumptuousness of the event and the limited staff.

Thomas and Andy spending time in the kitchen Thomas, however, who took a liking to Andy, puts Danker into trouble with the owner of the tavern, making the woman shell out the money in debt and also with the rest of the staff of Downton, who remain startled by a drunk Danker.

When Thomas tries to commit suicide, it is Andy who breaks through the bathroom door and rescues his friend, helped by Ms Baxter.

George Crawley [ edit edit source ] Master George seems to have a preference for Thomas among the downstairs members, probably due to the fact that the underbutler leave his duties in order to play with the child, piggyback ride through the halls of Downton are imperative.

Despite Lady Mary having expressly told her son not to disturb Thomas, the two continue their games. After the suicide attempt, George accompanied by his mother visits his favorite servant, bearing an orange as a gift and wishing Thomas a speedy recovery from the flu the excuse used to cover the attempted suicide any.

Thomas and Richard after they prank called Mr Wilson. Richard Alice blows a kiss to Thomas. She was one of the few. Thomas : " All my life they've pushed me around Why are you different?

But I do know you have to fight back. I'm not the same as you, but I'm not foul. Baxter : " Please accept our best wishes for the future Mary : " Have you been lonely?

I've done and said things. I don't know why, I can't stop myself. Now I'm paying the price. I could say the same. Thomas plotting outside with O'Brien.

Thomas in the trenches about to intentionally get his hand shot. Thomas crying over the death of Lady Sybil. Thomas having a cigarette.

Jimmy reading a newspaper to Thomas. Thomas saving Lady Edith from a fire. Thomas with Dr Clarkson due to the medication that was making him ill.

Thomas in the kitchen with Andy. Thomas crying tears of self-pity after Carson questions him. Thomas says farewell to Lord Grantham as he prepares to leave Downton.

Richard Ellice blows a kiss to Thomas. The only clue as to his age is that in Episode 5. This star was given to officers and men who served in France or Belgium in ; the minimum age for overseas service in the British Army at this time was nineteen.

Therefore, the absolute youngest Thomas could be is 19 years old in birth year of However, it is very likely that he was older, as this would mean he was fifteen when he was hired in - the age of a Hall boy , not a junior footman, who usually would have been older.

As well as this, in Episode 6. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Episode 2 Appears. The evidence does not portray Bates in a good light; the jury finds him guilty of the murder of his wife, and he is sentenced to be hanged.

Determined to prove him innocent, Anna and Robert try to appeal the decision and are successful in reducing Bates's sentence from execution to life imprisonment.

After visiting Bates in prison, Anna declares that she will not rest until Bates had been proven completely innocent and is free. She searches for anyone Vera may have been in contact with, and finds a neighbour who saw her the day of her death.

The neighbour mentions she saw Vera cleaning crust from under her nails, confirming she made the pie herself. Although the neighbour at first recants her story, she eventually gives a statement that clears Bates, who is freed from prison, returns to Downton, and moves into a nearby cottage with Anna.

Surprisingly, it is Bates who intervenes to save Thomas's prospects after he attempts to seduce Jimmy, as he is unwilling to see another man lose his livelihood due to the schemes of others.

Deducing that Miss O'Brien is pressuring Jimmy to have Mr Carson demand Thomas leave Downton with no reference , he informs Lord Grantham of the details, and asks Thomas to give him a weapon to use against his former ally.

Bates then invite O'Brien to his cottage, and whispers the words "her ladyship's soap" in her ear, before warning her that unless she calls Jimmy off, he will not keep her secret.

Bates remains ignorant of the true meaning of the words, but he soon has other concerns when Lord Grantham decides to appoint Thomas as under-butler to take advantage of his skills at cricket; Bates had only hoped to allow Thomas to leave with a good reference.

In Series 4, Anna is violently raped and Bates is confused and hurt at her attempts to push him away, as he is unaware of Anna's distress.

He threatens Mrs Hughes with leaving Downton in order to find out what is wrong with his wife. She reveals the story of Anna's attack but states that the attacker was a stranger who broke into the house.

He tells Anna he knows what has happened, and reassures her that he still loves her. The two attempt to move past the attack, but both find it very difficult.

Bates is suspicious that the attacker could be Mr Green, valet of Lord Gillingham. When Green returns to the Abbey, Bates is further convinced of his guilt.

Bates goes to York for the day but does not reveal the reason for going and Mr Green dies in Piccadilly after "falling into the road".

Mrs Hughes discovers a round-trip ticket stub from York to London in an article of Bates's clothing that Anna donates to charity.

She gives it to Lady Mary, who destroys it after Bates uses his skills as forger and pickpocket in suppressing a royal scandal.

When a witness comes forward to claim Mr Green was murdered and the investigation reaches Downton, police question Bates and Anna on several occasions.

This puts strain on the couple, as Anna is too frightened to ask John the truth of his trip to York. Matters become worse when Anna assists Lady Mary in procuring contraception for a sexual relationship with Lord Gillingham, and Bates finds the evidence and mistakenly believes his wife is using it so she does not become pregnant with a murderer's child.

Bates finally confronts Anna and reveals the truth; he realised Green was the attacker as soon as he returned to Downton, and he did intend to murder the valet the day he was killed.

However, having bought the train ticket to London in York, he decided not to go through with the plan at the last minute, as he considered his actions would do far more harm than good, since he would certainly have been hanged for the crime if convicted; his love for his wife proved greater than his desire to defend her honour.

Bates reveals that he kept the untorn ticket in his coat as a talisman for a time. Anna's attempts to locate the ticket prove fruitless, due to Lady Mary's prior actions.

Bates is angered when Miss Baxter informs the police that he could have made it to London the day Green was killed, despite her making clear she could not swear on the evidence.

Miss Baxter refuses to inform Bates that, as a convicted criminal herself, she had to speak honestly to avoid another prison sentence.

However, the investigation into Green's death begins to wind down, as the police have failed to find anything more than circumstantial evidence to link Bates to the crime.

At the end of the series, Bates is livid as Inspector Vyner calls Anna into Scotland Yard as part of an identity parade.

Although convinced that there is no evidence for anything to happen, Anna is later arrested for Green's murder.

A distraught Bates along with Lady Mary is adamant that Anna will not be convicted or even go to trial.

During the Christmas episode, Bates visits Anna in prison where she reveals that a secret from her past could compromise any character witness statement the Crawleys make in her favour.

Matters are made much worse when Murray confirms that her history, of which the police are now aware, would look convincingly to the police like Anna was capable of violence.

Anna is then given a trial date and Bates is forced into taking action. He leaves Downton, telling Carson in a letter that he has confessed to murdering Green in order to have Anna freed.

He tells Robert in another letter how to contact him. Bates then disappears and is now on the run. Molesley gains access to the Bateses cottage and finds a picture of Bates; he and Baxter use it as they travel around York's pubs to find out which pub Bates had been to the day Green died.

A pub owner confirms that Bates was indeed in York and would swear to it, which clears him. However, it would endanger Anna once again, who is released on bail.

As Anna returns to Downton, Bates is still missing, leaving her miserable. At Christmas there is still no sign of him. At the Christmas carol service Bates manages to sneak in; he sneaks up on Anna, surprising her, and pulls her away from the crowd.

When she asks how it's possible he silences her, insisting they speak later about it but for the moment, enjoy their Christmas. They kiss and the enjoy a reunion.

In Series 6, Bates and Anna must deal with the shadow of Green's murder; however, the case is resolved quickly when a confession is made by another of Green's victims and Anna is freed from bail.

However, problems between the two are not over as Bates realises something has upset Anna. She tells him that she believed she was pregnant, but that she had miscarried, and that it had potentially happened twice before.

Despite being upset that she kept it from him, he comforts her when she tells him she thinks she's let him down.

In episode 2, Bates discovers Anna yet again upset, after having told Lady Mary about her pregnancy problems.

He asks her if she had ever considered adoption, but she tells him that the idea would never work for him nor her as they would want their own child.

Bates believes they must be content as they are, but Anna continues to believe that she cannot give him what he needs. Bates does not accept this, and insists that she alone is enough for him.

In episode 2, without his knowledge, Anna visits Dr Ryder in London, who offers to perform a cervical stitch to rectify the problem with her carrying a child to term, but she must become pregnant again first.

Anna returns to Downton in a lighter mood, which does not go unnoticed by Bates. He continues to notice the change in her mood after Anna tells Mary that she believes she's pregnant again.

Still in the dark about her pregnancy, Anna begins to experience pains in episode 4, for which Lady Mary rushes her down to London, claiming to Bates that the emergency is hers, not Anna's.

However, Bates is not fooled, and when she returns to Downton, tells her he believes he knows what took them to London, believing the worst has happened.

Anna, however, tells him that the news is nothing sad and that actually, she's pregnant and expecting their child. Bates is overjoyed by the news.

In episode 5, Bates is insistent that nothing will go wrong with the pregnancy, when Anna begins to worry. In episode 6 he insists on paying for Anna to have an appointment with Dr Ryder when she begins to experience lingering pains again, and asks that she stop keeping him in the dark.

Despite the pains, Anna is fine, as her body is adjusting to pregnancy. Bates becomes protective over Anna at the car racing at Brooklands, when she insists in running after Lady Mary after a fatal crash on the track.

His protectiveness leads Baxter to discover Anna's pregnancy. Whilst Anna is pregnant, Bates continues to attempt selling his mother's house in London as well as purchasing a house in the north.

Bates does not say much about his family or childhood, though he does mention that his late mother was Irish and he has a Scottish grandmother.

She is 26 at the beginning of the series. She is very trustworthy, polite, and loyal to the Crawley family and her "downstairs" co-workers.

Anna was the member of staff who helped Lady Mary and her mother Cora carry the corpse of Kemal Pamuk out of Lady Mary's bedroom and was the only one who openly welcomed valet John Bates to the household, despite everyone else's initial prejudice against him on account of his limp.

After a long and somewhat secretive courtship she married Mr. Bates in the end of the second series in a private ceremony at a registrar's office.

Lady Mary prepares a room for Anna and her husband in the main house so they can spend their wedding night together.

Shortly after their wedding night, Bates is arrested for murdering his previous wife, although Anna and the rest of the residents at Downton are convinced that he is innocent.

When Bates is deemed guilty and is sentenced to be hanged, Anna breaks down and briefly prepares to leave Downton Abbey with Lady Mary, whom she is very close to, offering to accompany her mistress on an extended holiday to America, much to Mary's delight.

When the Crawleys manage to reduce Bates's sentence to life imprisonment, she decides to stay at Downton, although she vows that she will not rest until Bates is free.

Anna is promoted from head housemaid to Lady's Maid to Mary during Bates's incarceration. During the time apart from Bates, Anna refuses to fall into hopelessness or despair, though there is a brief period where this wavers, when letters and visits with her husband are stopped for a time.

Her efforts to prove her husband's innocence become a success when a neighbour of Vera's inadvertently tells Anna details of their last meeting which prove that Vera committed suicide in order to have her husband convicted and hanged for the crime.

Bates is freed, and the reunited married couple move into a cottage on the grounds shortly thereafter. In the third episode of the fourth series, Anna is violently assaulted and raped by Lord Gillingham's valet while the rest of family members and staff are attending a concert above stairs in the house.

Anna only tells Mrs Hughes of the crime, fearing her husband would commit murder if he discovered the truth. She becomes distant from everyone, and is unable to even bear Mr Bates's touch, as she confesses to Mrs Hughes that she feels she no longer deserves him, and feels unclean.

She decides to move back into Downton Abbey, leaving Mr Bates hurt and confused. Soon, however, Mrs Hughes tells Mr Bates what happened to Anna, although she refuses to disclose who was the culprit.

Mr Bates reassures Anna that nothing will change between them, and that he will always support her. The two try to continue their lives; however, both find it difficult to look past what has happened.

Mr Green briefly returns to Downton, and Lady Mary persuades Lord Gillingham to dismiss him, although she does not give him a reason.

Anna worries that Mr Bates will have his revenge if her attacker's identity is ever revealed. Bates one day sets off to York alone, and returns the same day, and the family soon learn that Mr Green died in London that day, after falling under a bus.

Anna is frightened that Bates discovered the truth and took his revenge. When a witness comes forward to claim Mr Green was murdered, the investigation causes Anna to fear Bates was responsible, but she is too frightened to confront him, as it will confirm the identity of her attacker.

Anna then assists Lady Mary with procuring contraception for a sexual relationship with Lord Gillingham, but Bates finds the evidence and mistakenly believes Anna has been using it so she does not become pregnant with a murderer's child.

Bates finally confronts his wife and reveals the truth; he realised Green was the attacker as soon as he returned to Downton, and he did intend to murder the valet the day he was killed.

However, having bought the train ticket to London in York, he decided not to go through with the plan at the last minute, as he considered his actions would do far more harm than good, since he would certainly have been executed had he been convicted.

Overjoyed that her husband is once again innocent, Anna then attempts to locate the untorn ticket to London, as Bates kept it in his coat as a talisman for a time, and its existence would prove Bates could not have been in London when Green was killed.

She is forced to accept defeat in this, not knowing that Lady Mary had already destroyed the ticket, as she wrongly believed it proved Bates's guilt.

The overjoyed couple once again begin to discuss and plan their future. Inspector Vyner of Scotland Yard returns to Downton and informs Anna and Bates that they have discovered that Green attacked several women.

They had been too scared to come forward before but had now stepped forward and informed the police of his actions. He also reveals that Bates is no longer a suspect, as the person seen talking to Green appeared to be shorter than him.

Vyner then asks that Anna visit Scotland Yard for further questions during the Crawleys' stay in London. Anna and Bates both visit Scotland Yard where Anna is forced to be part of an identity parade to which Bates is outraged.

Later, having returned to Grantham House, Mrs Hughes interrupts Anna and Lady Mary and informs them that Vyner has returned and has come to arrest her.

Vyner tells Mary and Anna that the witness has confirmed that they had seen Anna on the pavement near Green in Picaddilly when the incident occurred.

Shocked, Anna is cuffed as Mary, Robert and Bates attempt to plead her case but to no use. As Bates is left helpless, Anna is escorted away to the police station having been arrested on suspicion of Green's murder.

Later, at the memorial, Mary speaks to Bates, certain that Anna will not be convicted, and feels there will not even be a trial, as the police have nothing to go on.

Bates is less sure, but agrees that Anna will not be convicted. During the Christmas special, Anna awaits trial in prison as Mary and Bates visit her.

More is revealed about Anna's past. During a conversation with Bates, Anna tells him that something in her history could stack against her in a court case.

She reveals that her father died when she was about six years old and that her mother remarried, of which Bates already knew, however Anna had not told him the whole story.

It is implied that her stepfather was a drunkard and abusive, touching her in inappropriate ways whilst she was young. When she feared what he might do next and knew what was about to happen, Anna hid in the dark, waiting for him with a knife.

She struck him; however, she did not kill him, merely wounded him. Anna's mother managed to convince police that it was an accident and he had slipped, but Anna is now terrified that either the police have found a file on the incident or her stepfather had heard of her arrest and tipped them off and it would be used to disprove the Crawleys' character reference of her and portray her as violent.

Matters are not made better when the Crawleys' lawyer, Murray, confirms that things do not look good for Anna and Bates is forced into action when a trial date for Anna is set.

Bates then leaves Downton, writing in a letter to Carson that he is going to confess to murdering Green in order for Anna to be freed. He writes to Robert also with an address attached so he can be contacted.

However both Molesley and Baxter investigate Bates's confession and find the pub he claims he was at in York the day Green died, and a witness confirms Bates was indeed in York.

They then take this to Robert who ensures that the witness makes a statement, then tries to contact Bates. Anna is freed but on bail whilst her husband is classified as being on the run.

She returns to work as Mary's lady's maid but is alone until Christmas. During the Crawleys' Christmas celebrations, Anna is seen alone and concerned about her husband.

However at the very end, Mrs Patmore notices a familiar face has snuck into the room. Bates sneaks up behind Anna, surprising her, then pulls her aside.

A shocked Anna begins to ask how the case is sorted out but Bates silences her, saying they will speak of it later. The episode ends with Anna and Bates sharing a Happy Christmas alone.

At the beginning of Series 6 Anna is in a dark place as the case of Green's death lingers over her and Bates as she's still out on bail.

However, relatively quickly, the mystery is solved as another of Green's victims comes forward and confesses to his murder.

Problems for Anna, however, continue. After discussing Edith's child, Marigold, at the servants dinner, Bates notices she has become subdued.

Anna reveals to him that she believed she was pregnant, but that morning had realised that she had miscarried their child, and that it wasn't the first time it had happened, but the third.

Distraught in believing that it is impossible for her to carry a child to term, Anna becomes upset, believing she had let Bates down. He tries to convince her that despite wanting children, she alone is enough for him, which she has trouble accepting.

Anna later tells Mary of her troubles. Mary offers to take Anna to London, paying for her to visit Dr Ryder, the doctor that had treated Mary for problems when she had trouble conceiving a child with Matthew.

Ryder informs Anna that he has identified the problem and that she has a common issue of having cervical incompetence, a condition which results in a baby becoming too heavy for the womb to support after about three months, but also tells her that the condition is easily treatable with cervical cerclage, a stitch inserted into the womb after a woman has been pregnant for about 12 weeks; however, it does not always work.

Anna returns to Downton but chooses not to inform Bates of the news until she becomes pregnant again and the stitch has worked, so as not to get his hopes up.

In episode 3, Mary asks if Anna has considered Dr Ryder's advice. Anna reveals that she's already pregnant again. However, in episode 4 she begins to suffer severe cramps and fears she is suffering another miscarriage.

Mary, claiming the emergency to be for herself, rushes Anna to London to see Ryder and manages to get there in time to save the baby.

When they return, Bates knows that it was she, not Mary that had the medical emergency; however, this time she tells him that the news is happy and that she is in fact pregnant, to which Bates is overjoyed.

Whilst Anna is pregnant, she still fears that as there are months to wait, the baby is still in danger of being lost, despite her husband's insistence that nothing will go wrong.

In episode 6 Anna begins to experience uncomfortable pains again and Bates insists he pay for her to see Ryder again.

However, the pains are nothing to worry about, as it's just her body adjusting to the pregnancy. In episode 7, after the accident at the car racing in Brooklands, Anna rushes after Mary, Bates warns her not to do so "in her condition" and he asks Baxter to go after her.

That leads Baxter to guess that Anna is pregnant. Anna and Bates also continue the plan to sell Bates's mother's London house in order to purchase a house up north and hire it out.

The rest of Anna's pregnancy goes seemingly without a hitch. In "The Finale", the final episode of the series and of the show, Anna is shown to be pregnant and still working as a ladies maid, much to the dislike and discomfort of Carson, who feels a woman in "her condition" should not be working.

Time skips to 29 December , and Anna is shown to be close to giving birth. When Lady Rose returns to Downton, having had a child of her own, and asks when the baby is due, Anna reveals that she is about ten days away from her due date.

Despite the concern of her husband and of Lady Mary, Anna does keep working, although some of her duties are undertaken by other members of staff.

Mary insists that Anna shouldn't return to her and Bates's cottage and instead allows Anna to stay in her room to have her baby. Anna gives birth to a healthy baby boy on New Year's Eve, much to her and her husband's delight.

Mary tells the Bateses that their newborn son is welcome to stay at Downton's nursery during the day, as Anna wants to continue working at Downton, and that soon their son will be joined by a child of her own, as Mary is now pregnant.

During the New Year celebrations, the Bateses welcome the new year away from the others, together with their newborn son. Erin La Rosa of Buzzfeed stated that the rape was "all pretty uncharacteristic for Downton Abbey , and all terribly upsetting.

Thomas Barrow played by Robert James-Collier is under-butler at Downton Abbey and is a character who creates many conflicts.

Maureen Lee Lenker of Entertainment Weekly described Barrow as one of the series' "most polarizing figures". He starts his employment there as a junior footman.

Thomas tells O'Brien that his father was a clockmaker. He constantly hatches schemes with O'Brien, intending to have Bates removed from service at Downton.

When Bates catches him stealing some wine, Thomas attempts to frame him for the theft. Bates, however, manages to prove his innocence.

Thomas is also gay. In series one, he tries to blackmail his former lover, The Duke of Crowborough. Later, when Kemal Pamuk , an Ottoman diplomat, visits Downton, Thomas is rebuffed when he attempts to kiss him.

Pamuk later uses this incident to blackmail Thomas, threatening to inform Lord Grantham about his indiscretion unless Thomas agrees to guide Pamuk to the room of Lady Mary later that same evening.

Thomas also leads on the kitchen maid, Daisy, partly for his amusement since it annoys the second footman, William Mason, who has feelings for her and for ulterior motives.

He manipulates Daisy in order to further his plans to have Mr. Bates ousted. At the end of series one, William punches Barrow for his cruel remarks regarding Lady Grantham's miscarriage and the death of William's mother.

Shortly beforehand, Thomas signs up to the Royal Army Medical Corps in an effort to avoid being sent to the frontline for the war that is soon coming.

In series two, in the First World War , Thomas has ended up on the battlefield despite his attempts to avoid it, and has become terrified by the conflict.

He purposefully puts his hand in the line of fire in order to gain a blighty wound and be sent home.

Upon his return to Britain, he gets permission to work at Downton as sergeant in charge when the residence is made into a centre of recovery for injured officers.

When the war ends , Thomas tries to make a profit by taking advantage of the nationwide rationing by selling goods on the black market.

This scheme fails, however, when he is sold worthless goods and is rendered penniless. He returns to Downton as first footman although, as always, he plans to move up to a higher position in the house staff.

He hides the Crawley family dog, Isis, whom he hopes to "find" to curry favour with Lord Grantham. However, when he goes to reclaim the dog, he discovers her missing, and in his panic trying to find her in the woods, trips on several fallen branches and becomes muddied.

On returning home, relieved to find that Isis is safe, he learns from Grantham that some children had found and returned the dog, seemingly ruining Thomas' plan.

However, his physical dishevelment deceives Grantham into thinking that Thomas has more concern for the family than Grantham believed, and Grantham later tells Carson that he is willing to give Thomas a try as valet.

In the third series, Thomas and O'Brien's alliance begins to fall apart with the appointment of her nephew Alfred as footman.

When O'Brien seeks to assist Alfred by enlisting Thomas' support, he refuses to help tutor him, irritated that someone else should progress rapidly when he spent years trying to reach his position.

Thomas is then attracted to the handsome new footman, Jimmy, and walks into his room and kisses the sleeping Jimmy. He is caught by Alfred, who walks in on this scene and eventually tells Mr Carson at O'Brien's insistence.

O'Brien then preys on Jimmy's discomfort and embarrassment to have him blackmail Mr Carson into sacking Thomas without a reference, otherwise Jimmy will go to the police.

Mr Bates, to Thomas's surprise, intervenes, by informing Lord Grantham of the details and then offering to force O'Brien to call Jimmy off.

Thomas provides Bates with words that lead her to believe Bates knows of her hand in Lady Grantham's miscarriage, and she quickly backs down.

Although Bates had hoped Thomas would leave with a good reference, Lord Grantham decides to let him stay on so Thomas can lend his skills to the upcoming cricket match between the village and the house.

Thomas excels in the match and a new position is created for him as he is made under-butler, to Mr Bates's consternation. When they win, Barrow follows Jimmy who, having won a large bet, has too much to drink.

Barrow finds Jimmy just as he is cornered by two members of the opposing team, and puts himself in the way so Jimmy can avoid being beaten and mugged.

Barrow is badly beaten instead. While he is recuperating, Jimmy comes to speak with him. Barrow accepts that Jimmy can never give him what he wants, so they instead agree to be friends.

He comes to dislike the new nanny for the two young children of Downton, and refuses to pass on her instructions to other members of staff.

He informs Lady Grantham that he suspects the new nanny may be mistreating the children in some way.

This suspicion leads to Lady Grantham's discovering the nanny's cruelty to Sybbie Branson, resulting in her immediate sacking.

Barrow then attempts to gain an ally in the form of Lady Grantham's new maid Edna, a maid fired from Downton following her attempt to seduce Tom Branson, by claiming that Edna's accidental damage to one of Lady Grantham's favourite garments was in fact due to Anna Bates.

However, this alliance does not last very long, as Edna is fired after she successfully seduces Tom Branson but is foiled in her effort to blackmail him into marrying her.

She insults Barrow's arrogance and manner, though he responds in kind, and she leaves Downton once again. When Barrow is set to be laid off, he attempts to find suitable employment and fails.

He attempts suicide but is rescued by his friends. He eventually takes a position in a smaller household, but when Carson develops an illness, Barrow is invited back to Downton to become the new butler.

Lenker states that the character is initially "a solid villain" but develops and "he gradually became one of the most beloved members of the Crawley family staff".

Thomas was originally meant to be written out of the show at the end of the first series once he had had his "comeuppance".

However, after James-Collier had filmed the first two episodes of the show the producers contacted his agent and asked if he would like to be optioned for the second and third series.

She is especially bitter and resentful towards most of the other servants, perhaps due to her family circumstances; the animosity is common knowledge, even for the Crawleys.

She had one favourite brother who had shell shock and later died during the Great War. She uses her position to curry favour with Lady Grantham to consolidate her influence, although her actions usually benefit them both.

Although scheming in nature and always looking to manipulate circumstances to her and Thomas's benefit, she has a conscience and softens up over the second series.

She is one of the few servants who smoke on a regular basis. This is at a time when most women did not smoke and it was very rare for a woman to be seen smoking in public.

O'Brien and Thomas were the only servants who never did like Bates and the duo constantly try to find faults and uncover his past in an attempt to force Mr Carson to sack him.

She tells Bates's vengeful estranged wife Vera about the family's dirty secrets in an attempt to force Bates out and Vera uses that to blackmail Bates.

In the last episode of series one, O'Brien comes to believe that Cora is going to replace her. Out of spite, she leaves a bar of soap on the bathroom floor while Cora is taking a bath.

When Cora gets out, she slips on the soap, causing her to miscarry. O'Brien is wracked with guilt, and following the incident she becomes even more loyal and devoted to Cora.

When Thomas decides to buy extra food and supplies on the black market to sell to Downton's kitchen staff, she refuses to get involved in his business, but she sympathises with Thomas after he realises he has been swindled.

After Lady Grantham is struck by a severe case of Spanish flu, O'Brien maintains a bedside vigil, attempting to atone for the miscarriage. Towards the end of the second series she becomes guilt-ridden when she finds out her meddling in Bates's private life has started a chain reaction which led to Vera's threatening to expose the family secrets and bring the Crawley family into disrepute.

O'Brien is one of several servants asked to testify at Bates's trial and is genuinely relieved when they learn that Bates had been reprieved.

She also has a nephew, Alfred Nugent, who later becomes a footman at Downton. When it is revealed the new valet, Henry Lang, had shell shock , she was uncharacteristically sympathetic towards him and it was revealed that her own brother suffered from it due to the War.

While there, she apparently comes to like Lady Flintshire, and manages to arrange to become her lady's maid.

She leaves Downton at the very beginning of the fourth series in the middle of the night to take her new position, leaving only a letter to explain her actions.

They love to dislike her. Alexander Chee of The New Republic described O'Brien as the show's "best, most complex villain" and stated that her departure made the show less interesting.

Executive producer Gareth Neame stated that Finneran had chosen to leave the series. Timid by nature, other characters frequently take advantage of her naivete or pull rank by tricking her or handing her the more undesirable and menial tasks.

She is one of eleven children and her parents are deceased. In the first series, she is shown to have feelings for first footman Thomas, something that Mrs Patmore tries to discourage as she can see that Thomas is "not a ladies' man".

After being caught stealing a bottle of wine, Thomas takes advantage of her feelings for him to persuade her to tell Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes that she saw Mr Bates take the wine.

She later retracts the statement as she feels guilty and over time, her feelings for Thomas diminish and she notices that Downton's other footman, William, likes her.

She is unsure how to handle the situation, especially when he enlists during the First World War and convinces himself that she is his sweetheart. She decides, with some encouragement from Mrs Patmore, to allow William his fantasy to boost his morale in battle and gives him a photo.

After William is severely injured saving Matthew Crawley during the Battle of Amiens , Daisy agrees to marry him to give him some happiness in his life but is widowed six hours later.

She resists claiming her widow's pension as she thinks it wrong to claim money for marrying a man that she liked but would have not married under normal circumstances.

William's father reaches out to her and Daisy tries to tell him about her guilt but he refuses to listen. The older Mr Mason later explains to Daisy that William was his only surviving child and he had realised that William married Daisy not just because he cared for her but so his father would have someone to keep company.

Upon learning that her parents are dead, he offers to take her under his wing as a surrogate daughter, which she accepts, though reluctantly at the outset.

Eventually she does grow close to him and learns he wishes to name her his sole heir. Daisy has a close relationship with Mrs Patmore, the cook, which is frequently more mother-daughter than two servants working together.

At other times, Mrs Patmore becomes flustered and takes her frustration out on Daisy. She is also entrusted with teaching Lady Sybil how to cook, something which the pair enjoy.

In , she asks Mrs Patmore if, after many years in service, she can be promoted from kitchen maid to assistant cook and Mrs Patmore agrees to ask Mrs Hughes if the budget can support a promotion for Daisy.

In the third series, she grows to like Alfred but resents Ivy, the new kitchen maid, who steals Alfred's attention. By series 4 the love triangle is getting nowhere, until Alfred decides to leave after catching Ivy kissing Jimmy.

Daisy is devastated and blames Ivy. She decides to avoid seeing him when he comes to say final goodbyes, but her father-in-law, whom she goes to see, convinces her she must say goodbye to him.

When she does, Alfred apologises to her, regretting being blinded by his infatuation for Ivy and failing to see how good and true Daisy had been to him.

Daisy admits she loved Alfred, but that is gone and they need to go their separate ways. They agree to be friends forever.

In Harold Levinson apparently takes a liking to Daisy's cooking, and his valet Ethan Slade offers Daisy a position so she can come to America and work for him.

She declines. In series six, she gets irate when her father in-law loses his tenancy on a nearby estate. For her explosion of anger, she almost loses her job, but Cora, who understands her frustration and anger, talks Carson into letting her stay.

She works unstintingly and unflaggingly to remedy what happened. Her efforts are rewarded when her father in-law is offered the tenancy of Yew Tree Farm, located in the Downton estate.

At first, she is afraid of losing both Mrs. Patmore and her father in-law, when they begin to see one another, however, after reassurance from both of them that they will always love her, she changes her mind.

In the final episode, she falls for Andy Parker, the new footman who becomes a new farmhand at Mr. Mason's farm. Beryl Patmore played by Lesley Nicol is the cook at Downton.

Mrs Patmore is in charge of the kitchen and kitchen staff. She takes great pride in her cooking and is a perfectionist in the kitchen.

When the food does not meet her exacting standards, she takes her frustration out on the maids, especially Daisy.

Throughout the first series she is often seen bossing around and shouting at Daisy while working but cares for her like a daughter and often offers her advice.

She also seems to have protective feelings towards Daisy when she suspects that some of the other staff such as Thomas or Miss O'Brien are trying to make a fool or take advantage of her.

Occasionally her caring attitude may become even counterproductive, as when she advises that Daisy should not sacrifice that much of her spare time to try to self-educate herself, as she sees that hopes for that kind of lifestyle which would justify such efforts are set too high considering Daisy's chances to move in the social hierarchy of that era.

Mrs Patmore tries to hide her deteriorating eyesight but Lord Grantham decides to send her to Moorfields in London for treatment when she accidentally puts salt on the pudding instead of sugar.

This eyesight problem is declared to be cataracts , the surgery for which is new and daunting to Mrs Patmore, but the operation is successful and she regains the full use of her eyesight.

During the Great War she learns that her nephew Archibald "Archie" Philpotts deserted and was shot for cowardice at the front. Hence, she becomes sensitive and upset when confronted with the topic of war.

She receives some money from a deceased family member, purchases a cottage in the nearby community of Haughton-le-Skerne and opens a Bed and Breakfast, hiring her niece, Lucy to help her.

At first, it is considered to be a "house of ill repute" but with the aid of her employers, they have their tea there and that image is dispelled once and for all.

She also begins to see Albert Mason, Daisy's father in law, and between the two of them, help Daisy to realize that no matter what happens with them, they will always be there for Daisy, and that they love her very much.

This helps Daisy drop any objections she has about their pairing. William Mason played by Thomas Howes d.

His father was a local farmer and William used to help with the horses. William had three brothers and a sister but all died at or shortly after birth, leaving him as the only child.

His mother died of illness towards the end of the first series. Affable and good-natured, he was also a competent pianist actor Thomas Howes is a pianist and would entertain other servants during their free time.

During the first series he had strong feelings for Daisy. In the second series, William wanted to enlist in the Army but was forbidden by his father, as he was the only other surviving member of the family.

The Dowager Countess learns of his situation and tells the doctor that William had an embarrassing skin condition in order to keep him from being drafted.

He was further humiliated after being handed a white feather at a benefit concert held in the Crawley mansion. After being informed that this story was untrue by Isobel Crawley, the doctor corrected the report to the War Department, and William is drafted shortly thereafter.

William asked Daisy if she would give him a photo that he could carry with him. Daisy was worried about being William's sweetheart but Mrs Patmore urged her not to send him to the front with a broken heart, saying that if she refused, he would never return.

Fearing for his safety, Lord Grantham had him assigned to Matthew Crawley's battalion to be his batman. During the Battle of Amiens , he threw himself in front of Matthew to shield him from a shell explosion and both men were seriously wounded.

He was hospitalised in Leeds as Downton, then used as a convalescent home, was only for officers, but William's father could not afford to leave his farm or repeatedly travel to and fro to visit.

After failing to persuade Dr Clarkson to "bend the rules", a furious Violet manages to pull some strings to have William sent back to Downton, where he was cared for by Lady Edith.

After being told he would not make it, William proposes to Daisy and tells her that he wants to marry her, not just out of love, but also to secure her a widow's pension so that she would be taken care of.

Violet convinces the local parish vicar to officiate the bedside wedding ceremony and attends along with Lady Edith and the entire staff present.

He dies hours later. His aunt is Sarah O'Brien, who brings him forward as a candidate for the empty post based on his previous experience as a waiter at a hotel.

He is extremely tall, which Carson comments is almost too much, even though height is a desirable aspect for a footman.

Almost immediately, Daisy Mason falls head-over-heels in love with Alfred, but is impeded by the new kitchen maid, Ivy Stuart, who Alfred is quick to develop a crush on.

He often helps Ivy when she fumbles in the kitchen with his culinary skills, much to Daisy's ire. Alfred's largest rival is fellow footman Jimmy Kent, who is shorter than Alfred, but quite handsome.

They are both in competition for the top position of first footman, which Jimmy is constantly sabotaging Alfred for.

But because Ivy has a crush on Jimmy, Alfred decides to confront Jimmy about the fact that he's not interested in her. When he pushes into Jimmy's room, he catches Thomas Barrow in the act of trying to kiss Jimmy.

Horrified, Alfred is pressured by his aunt, O'Brien, to report the incident to Carson, as homosexuality is considered a crime at this time.

Poor Alfred is used as a pawn in his aunt's scheming, which eventually comes to nothing. In the Series Three Christmas Special, he tries to call Jimmy off his aggressive streak towards Thomas, and then spends the rest of the episode talking about his interest in cooking.

Also in Series Four, Alfred is still caught up in the downstairs "love square". He is in love with Ivy, who is in love with Jimmy, while Daisy is in love with Alfred and determined to break them up.

It takes Alfred too long to realize that Daisy was the better match, and only tries to approach her when he comes back to the Abbey after leaving for his cooking course.

Daisy initially tried to avoid seeing Alfred at all, but eventually speaks to him and wishes him well as a friend. In the Christmas Special, she receives a letter from Alfred, implying that they keep in touch.

Before the war, he worked for Lady Anstruther and was her favorite footman. He first appears onscreen after Lord Grantham has given Carson permission to hire another footman in addition to Alfred Nugent.

Turning up in the servants' hall unannounced, his good looks and charm quickly impress a number of the maids—as well as Thomas Barrow, currently valet to Lord Grantham.

Thomas is quickly drawn to Jimmy, whose flirty and vague behavior leads him to believe that Jimmy might be interested in sharing a homosexual relationship.

Sarah O'Brien, who is angry with Thomas for the way he has treated her nephew, Alfred, quickly latches on to this dynamic and uses it to her own ends.

Through careful manipulation of both Thomas and Jimmy, O'Brien crafts a situation in which Thomas is caught publicly making a move on Jimmy, who reacts in fear and anger, as homosexuality was still illegal in the s.

At the end of Series Three, Jimmy is promoted to first footman, but he holds a grudge against Thomas into the Christmas Special. At that time, it's implicated that Jimmy has kept up appearances by teasing Thomas and giving him a very clear cold shoulder that even Alfred notices is extreme.

Alfred also notes that Thomas always defends Jimmy no matter how unkindly Jimmy behaves, and suggests that perhaps he take it easy.

Jimmy ignores this advice and continues to behave recklessly, winning a large bet at the village fair only to spend most of it on alcohol.

The toughs who lost the bet follow drunk Jimmy underneath a quiet bridge and jump him. Jimmy is only rescued by Thomas, who had been following him to keep an eye out.

Thomas tells Jimmy to run, while Thomas is left to take the beating in Jimmy's place. When Jimmy returns with Dr.

Clarkson and the other fair-goers, they find Thomas beaten and bloody. Thomas does not admit to the others why he was attacked, and only sends a significant stare to Jimmy, who is guilt-stricken with the truth.

Later, he confronts Thomas about what happened, and though he is hesitant, eventually agrees to be friends. After that, the two of them are often seen in one another's company.

Their increased companionship is suggested by showing Jimmy often with a cigarette. In Series Four, Jimmy is something of an antagonist, stirring the pot for amusement and to get at Alfred, his professional rival.

Because Alfred quickly becomes enamored with the new kitchen maid, Ivy Stuart, Jimmy also takes an interest. Daisy Mason, who is interested in Alfred, repeatedly tries to sabotage Ivy, Jimmy and Alfred in hopes that Alfred will realize that Ivy is no good for him.

In the end, Alfred realizes too late that he was chasing the wrong girl, while Ivy comes to a similar realization about Jimmy, who was clearly out for sport.

He crosses the final line when he takes Ivy out and gets a bit too familiar with her. Angry, she casts Jimmy off, and Jimmy laments to Thomas that the whole venture was a waste of time and money.

At the end, he is seen playing football on the beach, while Thomas watches from a nearby chair. By the time Series Five begins, Thomas and Jimmy have grown much closer in their friendship, though it is clear Thomas is still in love with him.

When the Valentine he sent to his former employer, Lady Anstruther as a joke, comes back to bite him. Lady Anstruther, returned from France, orchestrates a plan to turn up at Downton Abbey in pursuit of Jimmy.

Through a series of notes and letters, all of which Jimmy desperately begs Thomas for advice on, the audience learns that Jimmy's former position with Lady Anstruther included a sexual aspect.

Eventually, Jimmy decides that the only thing to do is to satisfy her and hope it'll get her out of his hair. Thomas escorts Jimmy to the guest corridor upstairs and plans to watch the door while Jimmy goes through with it.

They share a moment in which Jimmy exhibits some doubt about the plan, wondering if perhaps Lady Anstruther just wants to talk.

Thomas watches forlornly as Jimmy enters Lady Anstruther's room, silently wishing Jimmy was coming to him instead. Unluckily, while the tryst is occurring, Lady Edith accidentally starts a fire in a nearby bedroom, which pulls Thomas away from his post.

Lord Grantham sends Thomas after Lady Edith, and Thomas can only watch in horror, unable to protect Jimmy this one last time.

Lord Grantham bursts into Lady Anstruther's room, discovers her with Jimmy, and then decides after the fire that Jimmy should be sacked.

Thomas and Jimmy share a heartfelt goodbye in which Jimmy tearfully tells Thomas that though he never thought he'd get on with a man like him, they truly had been great friends.

Thomas tries to remain calm, quietly asking if Jimmy might try writing. Jimmy says he would try, though he's not very good at it, and then leaves the estate a broken man.

Thomas later tells Anna Bates that he's upset because he wasn't special to Jimmy, which Anna very adamantly disagrees with. He also later mentions Jimmy to Phyllis Baxter in a bout of sadness and annoyance that he's gone.

Jimmy's whereabouts post-Downton are never revealed. Jimmy is mentioned by Thomas during the Series Five Text Santa short while the servants are playing strip poker.

Ethel Parks played by Amy Nuttall was the new maid introduced in the second series as Gwen's replacement. Outspoken, Ethel does not like being told what to do by anyone, which often has her in conflict with Anna or Mrs Hughes.

She says that she does not want to be in service for the rest of her life and often complains about her surroundings. She begins an affair with Major Charles Bryant played by Daniel Pirrie when he is being treated at Downton while it is a temporary convalescent home.

Mrs Hughes dismisses her after discovering the two of them in bed together, but Ethel shortly returns having nowhere else to go when she finds out she is pregnant with his child.

She names her son Charlie after his father, before moving away from Downton to start a new life. She is replaced in her position by Jane, a war widow.

In the Great War , Ethel has trouble supporting herself and her son and Mrs Hughes helps her, acting as her friend and bringing her food.

Ethel tells Mrs Hughes that her neighbours think she is a war widow but admits that Major Bryant refuses to acknowledge that he is Charlie's father, despite Ethel and Mrs Hughes's best efforts to get him to admit paternity.

However, he is killed during the Battle of Vittorio Veneto. Ethel bursts into the meeting with her son, proclaiming that Charlie is their grandchild, but Mr Bryant accuses Ethel of only being after their money and insists that his son was a good man.

He also insists that Ethel cannot prove that Charlie is Major Bryant's child. Eventually, his wife persuades him to accept the child as his grandson, and Mr Bryant offers to adopt Charlie.

Ethel, however, would not allowed contact, learning that Charlie will be told that his father died during the war and his mother died of Spanish flu.

They insist that they can give Charlie a far better future than Ethel ever could. Horrified by Major Bryant's refusal to acknowledge Charlie and his father's bullying, Ethel refuses the offer.

In the third series, Ethel returns, having entered into a life of prostitution. Considering Charlie's future, she gives him to Mr and Mrs Bryant.

After Ethel attracts considerable gossip, the Dowager Countess intervenes, having Lady Edith place an advertisement for Ethel, so she may find a position elsewhere and have a fresh start.

Despite misgivings, Mrs Crawley agrees with the plan, although Ethel seems unwilling to accept any position aside from one close to Charlie's new home.

In response to this, the Dowager Countess decides to ask Mrs Bryant in person if Ethel could have contact with Charlie.

Mrs Bryant, who had been unhappy abandoning Ethel from the start, agrees and Ethel leaves Mrs Crawley's employment.

With Matthew off at war and Mrs Crawley working with the Red Cross in France he and Mrs Bird, the family cook, find themselves in an empty house with no one to serve.

A loyal servant, he volunteers his service at the earl's mansion. He has feelings for Anna, but they are unrequited and she later marries Mr Bates.

After the war ends he covers for Carson when he falls ill with Spanish influenza , only to accidentally become drunk while tasting the wine for dinner.

He returns to Crawley House immediately upon Mr Carson's recovery, though he goes to the great house with Matthew Crawley to be his full-time valet after his marriage to Lady Mary.

After Matthew dies in a car accident Molesley loses his job, moves in with his father and struggles to find work as a servant, forced to be a road construction worker and delivery boy.

With the possibility of Alfred leaving to pursue his dreams of being a chef, Mr Carson offers Molesley a job as second footman if Alfred leaves.

Molesley is not happy with the prospect, thinking it degrading to become a footman when he has been trained as a valet and butler.

In the end, when Alfred does leave, Molesley seeks the job but Carson refuses, citing his great reluctance. Even so, the family still call him by his last name.

He finds himself mutually attracted to Lady Grantham's new maid, Baxter. By the end of the series, Molesley finds work as a schoolteacher. Baxter is hired on Barrow's recommendation, and Cora is pleased with Baxter.

However, it becomes clear that Barrow knows a secret about her, which he uses to his advantage to make her spy on the servants and family, something Baxter is very uncomfortable with.

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